Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I have a stack of 30 envelopes that I put my coupons in, and those are just how I have them all divided for now! Now the ones I use when we go shopping I keep in my Couponizer, and I looove it. It keeps me organized and it's easy to see what I have left to go buy.

I got on the "coupon train" about two months ago, and I thought it'd be easier than what it is, but it's not! First off, Florida doesn't let you doubel coupons at Publix (reminds me of HEB), and like normal Walmarts you can only use one coupon for the item you're buying. Now I haven't tried Walgreens or CVS - I heard you can get a lot of toiletries cheap, but I don't like the drive to get to them in traffic here. There is also a Winn Dixie, but it's on the other side of town and takes a bit to get there. So, we stick with Walmart for now - especially since it's a mile away. *lol*

So far on this payday I've "saved" $135 - and that includes Walmart, Target, and Blockbuster, (it was going out of business, so they had stuff marked down really low!) At first I didn't think I was doing it right, but I noticed I've got a lot in our pantry (and since our "pantry" is three standard cabinets, it doesn't take much!) was gushing with canned goods, it hit me - I'm not saving as much as some people do, but I'm doing enough to stock up on things. It works!

So I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing, stock what I can, and since meat is pretty expensive we'll wait until income taxes like we do every year and drop a few hundred into the freezer on meats and we're set for a while. :)

Rich would laugh at me for trying the coupon thing, until he say that we went to Target and got the Leap Frog TAG Reader for $20 instead of the $40 - all because of coupons. :) Now he's being "frugal" right along with me and trying to use them when we can. He's a believer now! *lol*

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  1. I just started being serious with coupons and I love it!!

    I love Target and the Commissary so far. And I love saving $$$!


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