Monday, August 24, 2009

Workin' 9-5!

I was channeling my inner Dolly Parton - minus the mega-boobs. Man I can not wait to get new boobs, just not hers...

Anyway, back to the point of the post! The last few weeks we've been trying to clean up our backyard inbetween all the rain we've been having. Finally this weekened we got some amazing weather and were able to knock it all out!

But first, some entertainment from the front yard from about 2 weeks ago. We got one of those electric trimmers from Walmart whenthey put them on clearance, it's the small 16" blade, so it does what it needs to for the 7 shrubs we have in the front.

I was in the backyard raking, and Rich was going to do the trimming of the front shrubs -and I assumed he knew what to do. I was wrong. Very wrong.

Here's a shot of the shrubs I did after he messed up. They're not pefect by any means, but for my first time to use the machine, I think I didn't do bad! :)
And here's what Rich did.... oh my. It wouldn't be so bad except that this side faces the main road. WHen he first did it, people were driving by and staring... too funny. So he's now not allowed to use the machine - even if he says that my trimming sucks.

This is the backyard now, I didn't take before pictures, but trust me it was was horrible. I'm standing on the steps of the shed looking over. You can see the 3 small pine trees that our planted, and Rich loathes. He wishes everyday he could ripe them out of the ground - and honestly it doesn't make sense as to why they're planted where they are, it be great to extend the pation from under the awning all the way to thend instead, but whatever, we don't own this.
You can also so the future burn pile. :)

I'm under the awning, and this area gave us the most problem. The big tree that is protruding through the fence puts off a lot, lot, lot of leaves and they coat the ground, which inturn makes the creepy Florida bugs stay around (hello, did you know that FL has flying wood roaches everywhere? I sure didn't until we moved here and they fly at you and into your car - gross.). So I raked as much of the leaves as I could, and then we mulched them with the mower. Ah, lawn related power tools!

We have a total of 6 contractor bags - 4 of which are mulched leaves from yesterday, and the other 2 are old mulch from around those awful mini-pine trees. Which reminds me that we need to buy mulch now to put around them. Ugh.
Oh, and a small FYI - never, ever give a person with OCD a rake. Rich had to physically take it from me after I spent an extra hour trying to rake all the leaves up and couldn't. I was an emotional mess.

After the yard cleaning was done, bug spray was brought out! I'm bough and deteremind to kill these creepy FL bugs. We're doing everything we can before having to call an exterminator, but we think we're going to. I have a very clean home, clean animals, and I can't handle the idea of my backyard having bugs that try to invade!

One of our next tasks is to re-re-re-do the shed. We've cleaned it up several times, but life happens. So, we'll do that after it cools down. Plus I'm sure it wont hurt to go through some stuff and see if anything can be gotten rid of it. (and this is just one side of the shed you can see, I didn't show you the work-bench area w ith all the "man stuff" on top, and all my tubs/boxes underneath. It's scary.)

After along day of work, these willbe brought out and used. We sometimes forget we own them, which is sad since they're amazing. So we'll break out the back massager, and the "shocker".
Seriously, we've had these since '05 and forget to use them! What is wrong with us? These are heavy duty items we got from my old chiropractor in MS.

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  1. Oh, I would SO love to have the back massager and shocker. We have two of the shockers that are "home versions" which we use several times a week. But, to get the big honkin' set? I would be in heaven!
    You will just have to make an effort to keep it acessiable and enjoy them!


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