Monday, August 24, 2009

When I'm home, I want Mexican food!

I have yet to find a Mexican food place here that makes me not crave La Finca's back home. Sure we've come across some that keep me going back, but that's just to keep from killing Rich. *lol* We've been told about this place in Destin that is supposed to be really good, but we haven't made it out there just yet (one reason I think is because you have to pass the outlet mall to get to it, and I may not have self-control not to stop!) - but it's on our list of places to eat.

So until we come in at Christmas, I decided to make my own enchiladas again. The first time we tried it was about a month or two ago, and we used corn tortillas and cheese, and they turned out really good, just a bit greasy. This time I used flour tortiallas an dbeef instead - and boy were we happy! They filled my big cake pan, plus my smaller one - we ate on them for two solid days!

So until I get home to eat some good Mexican food, I can attempt to make my own. :)


  1. A friend swears by Azteca in Crestview but I have never been. I tolerate Old Mexico in Niceville (not the one in Bluewater Bay) and Ka Paz in Destin but nothing lives up to the authentic Mexican I grew up with in south Texas.

  2. yum--homemade enchiladas are so easy and wonderful and delicious and make great leftovers and I love love love them!!
    Yours look great!
    I use shredded chicken and add canned diced green peppers (the tiniest can) and add diced green onions. Super easy-super good!


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