Monday, August 17, 2009

Still trying to adjust

When Rich got out of the Army, we bascially had one option: move back home to east Texas. And, honestly, I wasn't ready for it. I wanted to move somewhere, see something new, something the Army never gave us. Granted, we did love Mississippi, and TOP did send us back to Texas for Rich to get help with his PTSD, but still. We did not want to move back home just yet -we wanted an adventure!

He'd met some guys who did civilian EOD stuff, and they traveled basically all over the U.S., and sometimes outside, and there were some other companies you could get into that took you all over the world.

And there was the EOD school house here in Florida.

Rich was ready to just pack up and move us back to east Texas, and he'd do all this traveling, make good money doing it, but never get to be home. Or we could come to Florida, he could work a regular 8 hour shift, M-F, weekends and holidays off, and come home every night. He said he'd done two deployments, countless missions, TDY's where he'd be gone for weeks (Thank you Army for our "honeymoon" at Fort Polk, LA on a TDY - it sucked.), and VIPS for days-weeks at a time (but those are awesome - he went around with before Bush/Kerry got there at their election to make sure theres were ok, and he got to go to Israel for their election and meet ex-Pres. Carter, and tour the Holy Land), and he was tired of it.

I pushed for Florida, I can't lie - again, because I wanted an adventure, but so far I'm left a little blah about it. Sometimes I wonder if God has been telling us to pack up our crap and move back, and then I think that I'm putting way too much into all the crap that's happened since we've moved here from the guy backing out on the house were getting the day we were supposed to move in, to getting attacked three weeks into living here, the Jeep getting totalled after having it here for four days, someone rear ending the new car and then fleeing two months ago - thankfully no damage, to just how people are here.

I miss "Ma'am, sir, thank you, you're welcome, please, I'm sorry" - normal, cordial things. I don't find them here. I miss people waving from their car/truck/tractor when you pass them on the road.

I think I'm focussing too much on the negative about living here... and I'm hoping that'll change. Rich loves it here, he's always talked about one day wnating to come back and teach, and for that I'm glad I pushed him into filling out the application and him getting the job.

I'm trying to give it a chance... I think I'm just too much of a 'country bumpkin'. I prefer grass over sand. Pine trees over... well,views of houses. Rednecks over tourists. Smidge longer winters over forever summers (I'd really prefer a really long winter, but alas east Tx doesn't have it). But, there is one thing I have to admit that gets me every single time, that view of the beach.

Maybe it'll grow on me, but I'll always be a Texas girl.


  1. Good luck in Florida. As a displaced Texan myself, there are definitely things I miss..."yes ma'am" included. But, we are teaching my daughter to say it!

  2. You'll adjust. You'll never lose being Texan but it does get better :).


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