Thursday, August 6, 2009

It doesn't have to be perfect....

In the kitchen we have 3 big bay windows (and all I can think of is how neat it would be to have a huge window seat all the way around them), and when we first moved in they had two long black panels on the outer ones, and a short one on the middle. Well, with two cats, one of which sheds like crazy, it's not easy to keep clean. (nothing is!)
So I put up two curtains I had on the outer ones that are wine related, and go with the bistro theme of the kitchen. But I don't have anything for the middle. I decided to make my own - I figured it couldn't be that hard.
I used the same fabric I used on two of the chairs I refurbished a few weeks ago (I'll post pics later after I get the table done), and made a center curtain. I was pleased with how it turned out.
Now I just have to make the other two curtains, and I'll put the ones I have up there now back in the curtain box incase I ever change my mind and put them back up.

Glidden paint did a deal where you could get a quart free, and I got this teal-ish color, and it's beautiful in person. Since Rich had two of those trunks in the shed, I decided to pain on of them with it and see how I liked it. It's got two coats of primer, and one of the teal, and I think I need to do another of it because you can still see some wood spots (it's raw pine I think, and the edges are really rough and hard to get paint to take). Right now it's right beside the front door, and I keep thinking of going with this color scheme for in there, or maybe our bedroom, it's really soothing.

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