Thursday, August 6, 2009

There was a blip....

I don't follow directions usually when I cook. It bugs me - that's really why I hate baking/cooking in general (and why I'm trying my hardest to get over it, and try to enjoy it!) - it's just too much.... directions? *lol*

Well a few days ago Rich came out and started messing up my cabinets looking for stuff to make cookies, and I haven't had all the fixings for a while now, and he didnt believe me until after he'd dismantled the entire kitchen. And found everything but flour. *lol* Can't make cookies without it! Since we don't fry any stuff, we don't usually keep flour in the house, so, yea.

A few daysa later we ended up at Walmart and picked the flour (and me some more oats for when I make no-bake cookies), and he wanted Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chips instead of the Hershey ones I usually put in there. (Honestly he wanted them because we've been watching 'Friends' and he's had the episode of the chocolate chip cookie with Nestle Tollhouse in his head - I know how he thinks. Silly.)

So yesterday I set off to bake him some cookies, since I'm an awesome wife like that. :)
I was only going to make one serving of the cookies, but after I'd already made it up, I realized it'd be a waste of what was left of the chips, so as I was baking the first batch of cookies, I was making up a second batch -I figured he could share them at work like he normally does.
On the Nestle package they have everything in seperate bowels being mixed, and that's just not me, it's irritating. I want it all in a bowl, and now. I want to get it done and over with - I've got cookies in the oven that bake in 7 minutes man! (Oh the joys of a gas stove, I never want to be without one again!)
So I warm up my two stick of butter, and on the first batch I followed down the list putting stuff in, but this time I wanted to be able to pick up the package the chips were in an dnot worry about them falling out (I have a big Hershey's cookbook I use when I make the cookies that way, but this time he wanted the Tollhouse directions). So what do I do? I just dump them in with the butter.
I proceed to dump everything else in there, and then I bring out my hand mixer (man do I want a kitchenaide mixer, I'd do some serious baking) and go to town...... and it's brown? What the hell happened?
I put the chocolate chips on warm butter and they melted. Go me. Oh well, I rolled with it, and now they're just chocolate-y chocolate chip cookies. Rich likes 'em, and I sent a bunch with him to work today to share.

But I do admit, they kinda look like poop. Tasty poop though.

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