Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bubba Keg

We've been trying to find the perfect drink container for Rich for work for... years. I don't even know how many freakin' plastic containers we have, but they never seem to be the right thing.

Now that he's working outside almost all the time, and it's over 100, he needs something that's going to keep his drink cold, iced and hold a lot.

When we were walking through Walmart in the Back-to-School section (it's a weakness for me, all I want to do is buy crayons, markers and stuff every year! Gah.) we went through the summer stuff and they had a bunch of the coolers and stuff on clearance. The Bubba Keg was there as well marked down. Granted it was still just shy of $13, but it's massive! It holds half a gallon! Rich got excited, and now has one of his very own.
I didn't think it'd be as good as people say it is, but it really is.... I say begrudingly. (mainly because now I want one for road trips or when we go to the beach) He used it all this past weekend here at the house, and one day he left it over night filled with water and ice, and hafl the next day - and the freakin' thing was still cold and had ice cubes in it. I was sold.
So now I fill it up every day before he leaves for work with either tea (if he doesn't get a coke that day, he gets tea), and he fills it up with water after that.

So the Bubba Keg is here to stay. Maybe I can , find one for myself at Walmart this coming payday in a cute color. Like I said, it'd be awesome for road trips - Tx is 9 freakin' hours away, and I hate stopping. It'd be good for the beach instead of bringing a cooler full of stuff, we'd just bring our Bubba' Kegs for the few hours we'd be there.

Straight up hillbillies I tell ya. :)


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  2. That is straight up hillbilly...haha Thanks for the birthday wishes. Here's to another creative year!


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