Saturday, July 11, 2009

The oldest is losing his hair

Bocephus Jason is having a shedding problem. BIG TIME. So much so that I'm having to use those sticky lint brushes to "pick up" his hair from everything!
I talked to some other Boston owners here in FL, and they said theirs are doing the same thing this year, so we're thinking it's because of the heat. He's a TX dog, and he's had no problem with shedding before, until now.
So to help counter act it, I'm back to putting fish oil in his food a few times a week, only bathing him twice a month instead of the every week, and that's about all I can do. We haven't changed any of his foods for over a year (and he's on really good food now, speaking of which we need to make a trip to Destin to buy him some more - we got him a 50 lb before we moved here and it's lasted this long!), so we know that's not it.
So he's a bit pouty right now with us since he's not getting to get on the couches and bed like he used too - and the bed thing is because his little butt has taken it upon himself to snuggle down in our pillows, which then end up stinking! So I've started shutting the bedroom door when we're not in there, and I'm making him a doggie bed for the bed/living room.
Ah, the joys of Fur-momdom! :)

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