Friday, July 10, 2009

Thar' she blows!

A few days ago we started off the day with a nice rain here (Rich didn't get any at the school house, which is only 25 miles away), and it was much needed. It cooled us down a bit, and honestly put me in a better mood.
After Rich came home, we went a mile up the roard to the store, and when we came out it was lightning like crazy, it'd turned an ugly gray-green shade with some mean looking clouds ontop of us. We ran to the car, and went further in the parking lot to Lenny's Sub Shop. I stayed in the car while Rich ran in, and all of a sudden the bottom opened up and it poured! And the wind blew so hard the car was shaking - I had my hand on the ignition to turn the car off, and the door handle looking for a a funnel cloud - I was gonna run in the store! *lol* Rich came running out before it started hailing, and we then proceeded to make it home. In the few minutes it'd rained, it'd already flooded the streets, hails was pelting, and road signs were blowing around.
What do I do as a passenger? I take video of it with my cell phone. *lol* It was insane! It took us twice as long to make it home, and we were only a mile away!
When we made it in the driveway we decided to leave the umbrellas, it'd be easier and faster to just run for it, so that's what we did. And when we got in the house we were soaked to the bone. Luckily we have tile in the front portion of the house, so we shut the door and just stripped down, and then got some towels. We get dry, put on pj's - we had no intention of leaving the house again that day! - and was just getting comfortable when I kept looking at the window on the bedroom door and couldn't figure out why I could see cars so clearly thorugh the fence.... And then it hit me!
I called the landlords to let them know what'd happened (the storm had yet to reach them in FWB, but was getting there fast), and we told them we'd try to get it up ourselves instead of them having to pay someone to do it. So we go outside to put it up, and weren't able to because of all the nails/screws, so we left it down. I was happy to get out of the rain, even if it had let up, it was still lightning like crazy!
We got it up yesterday the best we could, so now we'll get the landlords to come look at it and see if they're happy with it. If not, then they can pay to get a new one - it's needed, the wood is rotting anyway.
But yesterday evening after we put the fence up we noticed that a piece of the front siding was messed up from the wind as well, so when I email them about the fence being done, I also have to tell them there is one more little problem and we can't fix that one. *lol*

You can see Rich's hands holding up the fence....

And this was after we put it back down. It was really strange to have our house that "open", neither of us slept well that night - matter of fact, the gun was out and loaded. Paranoid much? Maybe, but I'll shoot someones butt for trying to get in. :)

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