Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who stole my muse?!

I've been in a writing funk. I haven't been able to think of anything to write about on here... hell, I haven't even been taking pictures! We know somethings up if I'm not doing that, not even of the furbabies! For shame.
I'm sitting here at the kitchen table, drinking Simply Lemonade (and ifyou haven't tried it, you must, it's addicting!), and eating yet another no-bake cookie and thinking of all the stuff I'm wanting to get done.

I'm wanting to 'nest'. I'm wanting to turn this rental into a home. I want to finally unpack. I think I'm coming out of the "Army mentality" - we're not going to be moving anytime soon, we're out and staying put. So lets find art work to put on the walls, paint, and figure out what kind of decorator I am.
I need to make the curtains for the kitchen. I've got one of the chairs finished for the table in here - primed, painted with three coats of black, and the seats redone. The second chair needs another coat of black, and I'll be redoing the seat tonight.
I have two EOD trunks in the garage I need to get primed and figure out what I'm going to do with them. One I know I'm going to paint teal. Yes, teal. I want a bright room for our dining room, amazing colors, so why not? It's just going to house shoes anyway.
Furniture needs to be rearranged, cleaning, workout on the ellipitcal - the list goes on and on!
But, I'm tired. Tired, tired, tired. No reason really to be tired persay, but I am.

I'm just ready for my mind to settle down, to not constantly go. I'm ready to try to figure out what our next step is, and where it'll take us. See, too much thinking.

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