Sunday, May 17, 2009

A very rainy Sunday

We woke up this morning, errr - afternoon!, to thunder and pouring rain... it was nice. It gushed for about an hour or two, and now it's just drizzling away the day, and we're enjoying it I admit. The cats not so much since it keeps the birds away from the windows, so instead they're laying across the back of the couch and pillows sleeping. I'm jealous.
Today is "cleaning day", and there isn't much to do! I just finished the last load of laundry, the kitchen is clean (minus the dishes from breakfast), and all that's left is to scoop the litter box and Rich has to clean his bathroom. Nope, I don't usually clean his bathroom, I figure I clean everything else in the house, and now that we have two bathrooms, he can clean his own. Now if he doesn't clean it today, then I'll probably break down and do it. Yuck.
(FYI: I strongly dislike cleaning the bathroom and fridge, these are usually Rich's job on "cleaning day"!)

I've finished one of my four books I got from the library last week, so I really need to get a move on with the others before they're due!
I've been on a reading kick the last few weeks, guess I've been bored with daytime tv. *lol* Since we don't have the dining room table set up in th front room yet, we have our recliners in there, and it's nice to sit back with the book, and I have the blinds opened up for natural light, and usually the animals horde around and I spend a portion of the day lost in whatever land I'm reading about.
Right now I'm reading "The Boleyn Inheritence" by Phillipa Gregory (I finished "The Other Boleyn Girl" a week+ ago, by same author), and I finished Tori Spellings first book, and I have "Interview with the Vampire" by Anne Rice and "Bergdorf Blondes" by Plum Sykes left. It's funny to me that none of those books go together!

(Whoa, a big bird just flew by the window serveral times and neither of the cats noticed it since they're sleeping the day away! Silly animals, they could be pawing the windows at a bird they'll never get, instead they're sawing some logs.)

Next week we go to Pensacola to the VA for Rich. I know one of the two meetings is a physical type thing, but we'r enot sure what the other meeting is for. Either way, hopefully it wont take another seven months before they get back to us! We're hoping that he gets a high enough percentage that we can get their insurance back for a while - it's obviously better than civilian. Heres to keeping our fingers crossed!

And in five weeks it'll be our anniversary! And the month after that it's both our birthdays and we turn 25+1! (Yes, I'm obviously freaking out. I cried one day about it. If I hadn't been in the ER on my 25th, I would have freaked out about it as well, but since I was doped up and don't remember either of birthdays - they SUCKED last year - I'm freaking out double-y hard this year. Stupid-getting-older! Gah.)

This is how Rich has to play his Xbox. Diego has no sense of personal space, and when he wants attention, you don't have much choice but to cave and give it to him.

This is how I woke up saturday morning, along with Rich sleeping beside me, obviously. I had all my boys in bed with me! :) It was nice, but hot under all them.

Jesse James has always had an infatuation with the toilet, but this morning it just made us laugh becuase we hadn't flushed it, so we have no idea what he was up to!

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