Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Craft time!

We picked up two of these chairs for less than $10 at Goodwill for me to refurbish to put with our dining table. We only got the two, and will be on the lookout for two more chairs to go with the table later - hey, there aren't any holidays coming up we need them!
So I stripped the fabric off, kept the foam so I could make a stencil of it, and kept the trim so I could measure how much I'll keep to get, and I've been sanding on them ever since! The wood is a blonde, and our table is pecan, so I'll be staining them hopefully soon.

I then got some cheap fabric from WalMart in really bright colors to make the summer wreath for the door. Total is cost me $10 to make! I think it turned out really cute, and Rich liked it as well. He wants me to make an EOD one next, so I'll be doing that maybe next payday.


  1. LOVE THE WREATH!!! Can we have instructions on how to make it????


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