Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Weekend

I changed purses.... again.

The cats love when we have the blow-up set up.

I spent time coloring while watching the movies.
Our Memorial Weekend consisted of... well, nothing. It rained cats and dogs the first day and a half here - but I do admit, I enjoyed it. Saturday afternoon it finally let up enough for us to go to the library to return books I'd read, re-check out some, and get me another.
I could spend hours in a library, it's insane. Crestview's isn't that bad, I must say, but it could be better. I wish they had all the books I have on the 8 pages I have in my purse of books-to-read so far.
Yes, I am that crazy person who carries a list with her. I always find other books while I'm there that I want to get later - and I really do need to remember to bring a pen with me from now on to write those names down so I don't forget! - but I'm really trying to whittle down these 8 pages. *lol* Books make me happy.

Anyway, so after that we went to Walmart to go ahead and get the shopping done for the next two weeks, and boy was that a mistake! It was so insane, it was like being back at Walmart at Fort Hood - and everyone knows how much I loathed being there. I know it was busy because of the holiday weekend, graduation, and the start of summer, but seriously! We've decided from now on to put off shopping until late at night on the weekends and we'll go then, we can't handle it all. *lol*
We decided to go with a new shopping method this time around. Instead of our normal just-go-and-pick-stuff-up-and-make-meals-out-of-what-you-get kinda thing, we made out a menu for the next two weeks, figured out what we already had versus what we still needed, and voila! So instead of a $200+ shopping bill, ours was $177 even, and we were aiming for $150, so we did pretty good on budgeting I think. We're still getting the hang of it. I wish I could understand the whole coupon phenomenon, but I just don't! Ah well.
I've decided to make homemade enchiladas - so wish me luck! We all know I could eat Mexican food every day of the week if I was given a choice, so I figured why not give it a whirl. I got the sauce from a can though, I want to see how I like frying the tortillas up and all that jazz first, and if it goes well, then I'll make homemade sauce next time. I'm still excited about it. I also decided to make a Mexican casserole (see!) and a Chicken Florentine casserole since both will be bigger meals and carry over to atleast the next day, if not two.
Eh, cooking might be growing on me. Maybe. We'll see.
Saturday and sunday consisted of us blowing up the blow-up bed, putting it in the living room and having our own version of a camp out. (Who wants to fight tourists, annoying teenagers with no manners, and get sunburned this weekend? Not I.) We watched all three DVD's of "Pirates of the Carabiean", rented "Death Race" and "Bride Wars" off of TV, and started on the "Harry Potter" series. Yep, we have no life, and we proved it this weekend.
Monday Rich played Xbox Live and I caught up on some of the shows I'd DVR'ed, and we got things ready for the V.A. meeting the next morning.
We may live in Florida and have the beach about 30-45 minutes away, but we didn't venture to it this holiday weekend. We stayed home, vegged, didn't clean, cooked, played with the animals and had a good time together. It was nice.

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