Thursday, April 30, 2009

Reality TV Douches

I used to like Clint Black - until Celebrity Apprentice. You really get to see how much of an ass he is - I feel sorry for...well, everyone. Can you imagine how bad is list of demands are when he goes to places?!

I think he should have been fired many, many times before - Trump needs to remove his head from his own butt and do it already.

Brande is a twit. Enough said.

Annie Duke pisses me off. OMG, my blood pressure is rising just looking at her picture. I get so worked up watching the show with her on it because she is the Queen of Douchness.

I was pissed that Melissa got kicked off sunday because Annie was able to wiggle her ass into the "perfect" spot of not getting blamed for anything if the project went wrong, but getting praised if it went right. Ass.

"Coach" off of Survivor. He's another blood pressure raiser. Does he really think people take his stories seriously? He reminds me of a pathalogical liar I knew in high school - get a life!

And get kicked off the show.

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