Monday, April 27, 2009

Hook 'Em Horns!

We have a UT birdhouse on our front porch, right outside the front door. When we moved here in October and put it up, we didn't thing a bird would actually move into to it... and I'm not sure as to why.
We we're mistaken.
Above is the Momma-Bird. Yes, MOMMA. We have eggs in our house! Rich took the house down one day to peek in it and noticed itty-bitty eggs in the nest - thank goodness the Momma-bird was off somewhere, or we have had our eyes taken out!

Well the eggs must be coming along nicely, because we noticed this week she'd become aggitated when we'd walk out the front door! And this weekend she actually dove at us, but would arc up to the roof before coming under the auning of the porch! Kamikazi-Momma-Bird!
After that happening a few times, and deciding that we liked using our front door - but do you see the perk of keeping those door-to-door sellers away with this? - we moved the UT house.
NO! Never fear,not far. Only about 3 feet to the left actually. On the front porch beside it I have a windchime hanging, so we switched them in hopes that the Momma-Bird would feel safer, plus now she's more in a "corner" than in an open walk way.
And I checked last night, Mom, to see if the crazy Momma-Bird went back to her eggs, she did. I lightly tapped on the house and she came zooming out of it and scared the crap out of me. She's fine, but I think I have a fear of red breasted blue birds now.

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