Monday, April 27, 2009

Being crafty

This is what happens when you go to Goodwill and see that they sell loads of fabric for cheap, and you remember a crafting project online about a fabric wreath!
Now, I don't like how this one turned out because they said to use a wire hanger, so it's not as full - but yesterday we went to JoAnn's Fabrics to get this 3 ring wreath that will make it huge and fluffy.
I have plans on doing on for every season/holiday, and making a special one for EOD in their colors of crimson and yellow and getting those really thin letters and putting "EOD" in black on it to keep up in the off months.
Come on, I have nothing else better to do! As long as I keep finding cheap fabric at Goodwill - and I mean I got 3 and 4 yard of fabric for $2-3!, I'll keep on making 'em for fun.
(Minus the big bow - I was just trying it out, I'm not a fan of this bow on it. Maybe a huge Christmas bow when it's time.)

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