Monday, April 27, 2009

Hurricane survival

I've been in a crafting mood for the last few weeks, ok... months. I'm not sure where it's come from - maybe it's all this sun (and sometimes the lack thereof with these storms), but I get these crazy urges to do stuff.

Remember when y'all would call and I'd be baking cookies? Obscene amounts of cookies. Bucket loads of cookies. That went on for weeks - choclate chip cookies. Wow, now I want some - good thing I don't have all the fixings in the house, or I'd be up making some right now instead of make some random post.

Anyway, back to the story - the cookies eventually waned and then Rich brought home the ammo boxes from the range for me to sand down and stain. And come to find out, I really enjoy doing it! (Minus the fumes - that stuff gave me a migraine fast.) It got me out of the house, music going, and I was having a ball.

You can tell from previous posts that the darker box is where I keep all the photos in the living room since it matches the furniture. The second box has all the ammo writing on it, and it stained lighter (I didn't sand that one), and it's in the front living room and I didn't know what I could us it for, and I disliked it being empty and taking up space.

Then it hit me after Rich brought home two cases of MRE's - it'll be our hurricane survival box! It's stocked full of MRE's, now all we'll need to get is two cases of water and the food part is done! After that we'll just have to get the normal stuff: clothes, liter box/ liter, animal food, jewerly, external hard drives w/pictures, laptop, Army documents, both fire proof boxes, camcorder/camera, purse, blow-up bed w/accessories.... anything else? *haha!*

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