Wednesday, April 22, 2009

170 Things About Me

1. Richard and me got married 6 months after we started dating.
2. I cannot stand the color purple.
3. I have so many things that I want to “grow up” and do that I can’t decide!
4. I’m terrified of escalators. I’ve never had a traumatic experience on one, but I have to build the courage up to get on one!
5. I’m terrified that I’ll lose my Texas-twang one day.
6. I don’t like wearing a lot of make-up, so I usually one put on congealer, powder, mascara, eye shadow and lip-gloss.
7. I love ‘80s movies. Molly Ringwold rocks my world.
8. I bonded with my longest known best friend over a shared love of Nsync.
9. I’ll do just about anything to get out of wearing a dress, give me jeans or give me death!
10. I never lived away from home until the day I moved to MS to be with Richard – talk a change of scenery!
11. The funniest job I had was working for Hickory Farms because I got to work with my mom, sister, brother-in-law, and friends.
12. I miss my Mom’s old Christmases where she would take two weeks to decorate the entire house and tree.
13. I hated high school – it wasn’t the best time of my life.
We watch the entire “Friends” collection a few times a year. I still can’t pick a favorite.
14. I could eat Mexican food everyday.
15. My second favorite is pepperoni pizza.
16. My Mom made me get a perm in the 5th grade – the tight spiral kind. Yikes.
17. I didn’t get my drivers license until I was 18, but I learned to drive when I was 11 and got my first car at 13.
18. My dream is to live in Europe and to soak up as much of the culture as I can.
19. Richard says that the best state or country I’d fit best in would be Alaska or London because it has more “gloomy” weather; I’m not much for all the sunshine.
20. I used to tan a lot until I had to have a mole removed and it scared the life out of me, so I haven’t done it since. Now it’s alabaster from tip to toe!
21. I love my freckles.
22. I want nothing more than to be given free range of a bookstore to take what I want.
23. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is a solid gold ring my Dad brought me back from Saudi Arabia. I don’t wear gold anymore, but I keep it put away in a fire safe for my future kids. (This is obviously besides my wedding set!)
24. I was a Brownie and Girl Scout up until I graduated high school.
25. I love to take pictures. I take a lot of the animals.
26. I have a list of baby names for each sex for our future kids.
27. I think Audrey Hepburn is amazing.
28. Coach purses make me happy.
29. I’m blind without my contacts or glasses, but I’m terrified of the idea of lasik.
30. I used to black out when a needle would be brought out, I’m better now. Now I just shake and breathe really hard.
31. When Rich and me got married, I didn’t know how to cook a thing! But, I did make a weird dish that has come to be my comfort food: white rice, ground hamburger meat and mix in cream of chicken soup.
32. Five years together and I’m just now starting to like cooking some things.
33. My lap band port has a name. George. And we call it that, a lot.
34. I missed Dr. Pepper for about 3-4 months after surgery, but now life is ok without - who would have thought?
35. The worst pain, so far, is getting the shots in my big toes to get the hangnails out. Painful!
36. I love that I can have my hair curly or straight. Sometimes I let Rich pick, which he wants for me to wear that day.
37. I cannot iron.
38. I’m not a big fish eater, but my Dad makes the best fried catfish!
39. My handwriting changes with my mood.
40. When I was in 5th grade I decided I wanted to work for NASA, that hasn’t changed. Or I’d like to at least see a shuttle launch.
41. I cannot go to sleep if there is a TV or radio on.
42. I’m afraid of the dark, and I have night lites in several rooms in our house.
43. Because of April, I really enjoy Southern Comfort and lemonade slushy from Sonic.
44. I used to collect frogs.
45. The only bone I’ve broken is my big toe.
46. My first concert was Neal McCoy.
47. And I’ve also seen Nsync, Britney Spears, Metallica, Kid Rock, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, and I’m sure there are more but I can’t remember.
48. I’m a gun-totting Democrat.
49. I miss having gay friends.
50. I have a consistency issue with foods – I don’t like cottage cheese, yogurt, I’m sure oysters would be one, oatmeal, and several others
51. My hands are always cold. A lady at the nursing home I worked at used to tell me it was because I had a warm heart.
52. I enjoyed working at the nursing home even though I worked in the kitchen; I fell head over heels for some of the residents.
53. A sunflower motif pisses me off.
54. I am a total night owl.
55. I get annoyed that people don’t hug or kiss Whoopie on “The View” when they come to sit on the couch – do they forget about her? She’s awesome.
56. I’ve never regretted us getting married alone at the Justice of the Peace.
57. But I would like to renew my vows one day and have family there.
58. I have had the biggest crush on Tom Selleck since “Three Men and a Baby”, and it just gets bigger as he gets older.
59. I go to sleep on my right side.
60. My favorite flower is Gerber Daisy’s.
61. When I’m back home in my natural element, I turn into a comedian – and I’m damn funny.
62. My Mom’s stepbrother sexually molested my sister and me when we were around 5 &3. We didn’t tell her until we were 18 & 16. I've moved on, and don't let it affect my life.
63. I’m terrified of june bugs.
64. And come to find out, lizards as well. But not snakes since we had two growing up. Doesn’t make sense.
65. We name our cars: My old Jeep was named O’Malley, his Camaro was Chardonnay, his motorcycle was Yoshi, and our current Dodge Magnum is Eleanor.
66. If I find out someone (celebrity or not) I think is cute smokes, it’s a turn-off. Ok, ok. – Tom Selleck smokes cigars and I let that one slide, he looks good doing it!
67. If Richard smokes, and he brushes his teeth to hide it, I can smell it in his nose even though he doesn’t blow it out from there.
68. I like green apples, but purple grapes and can’t eat the opposite of the two.
69. I love my nose.
70. I’m afraid the more weight I lose, the more of “me” that’ll go with it. Here's to keeping my fingers crossed!
71. I’ve never been on a plane.
72. Sometimes I get so involved in a book or series that the world stops. (Hello, ‘Twilight’!)
73. My Mom put me in art classes when I was little.
74. I’ve had some of my poetry published.
75. I’ve become totaled fascinated by mobsters, and I don’t know if it’s because of “Sopranos”.
76. Watermelon gives me migraines – sometimes just the smell of it will set one off.
77. I don’t know how to walk in heels.
78. I love musicals, and like getting the songs on my iPod to jam out to. My new fav one is “Mamma Mia!”
79. I’m flat footed.
80. I love the old classic cartoons and kid movies like “Bed Knobs and Broomsticks”, “Mary Poppins”, and old “Bugs Bunny” episodes.
81. I smell things. For instance, when I open up something plastic, I’ll smell it and it reminds me of summer when we were kids at the lake – swim floaties! Or smell a new book.
82. Nothing is better than new socks.
83. Country music makes me happy.
84. I like the old Madonna and Mariah Carey songs, not this new crap they’re putting out.
85. I have OCD.
86. I’ve had a Xanga page for 5 years.
87. I’m a junkie for celebrity gossip as much as I hate to admit it.
88. I don’t believe that when your significant other tattoos your name on them, you’re doomed. 89. Rich did it and we’re still going strong. Now I just need to get the balls to get another tattoo.
90. I’m addicted to chap stick.
91. I’m ok with all types of religions (or lack thereof, aka: atheists), but I just cannot seem to wrap my head around Scientology. I mean, a guy who actually wrote science-fiction books made it up, and now it’s a religion? Science-fiction books, people! Katie Holms, run while you still can.
92. I snort when I really get to laughing.
93. I don’t like to go out clubbing, I’d rather have people over for some BBQ, drinks and maybe a drunken game of Uno or Scrabble.
94. My favorite Disney cartoon is “Sleeping Beauty”.
95. “Freddy Kruger” terrifies me. My cousin used to make me and my sister watch me when we were around little.
96. I can count on one hand the times we’ve ran out of ketchup in our house – I can’t go without it.
97. I still have my collection of Golden Books from when I was a baby/kid.
98. I love my freckles.
99. It makes my day when I wake up and have my husband snuggled up next to me, Bocephus next to my leg, and both cats “stacked” above him. It’s like a giant hug from all my boys at once.I’m freaking out at turned 25+1. I think I’ll seriously need therapy the closer I get to 30
100. I love wood. I would find it hard to live in a home that didn't have a lot wood items, I want natural elements in my home.
101. We know we want to have some chitlins of our own one-day, but as of right now we’re still undecided on when to do it.
102. Certain shades of blue make me depressed.
103. I think I might be allergic to cat dander, but I don’t want to get tested and find out if it’s true because we have two.
104. I’ve been bitten by an owl.
105. We used to have two boa constrictors growing up – George and Scar.
106. I don’t have a green thumb.
107. I love days where it looks warm outside, but you still need to wear a jacket.
108. I wish I was craftier.
109. I’m a southern girl who just now started to drink sweet tea, before it had to be unsweet.
110. I think Sophia Bush (aka: “Brooke Davis”) is hot.
111. So is Angelina Jolie, but that’s a given.
112. When I want to put some pep in my step I put on the Sugarland CD’s.
113. All 6 of my grandparents had died before I was 22. (There are obviously 2 step-grand parents in that number)
114. I don’t mind doing laundry.
115. I strongly dislike cleaning the bathroom and fridge.
116. I was never a steak eater until I married Rich, now it’s my favorite – medium well, please.
117. A bowl of good guacamole will make me smile – light on the onions.
118. Bocephus is my baby, and I don’t know what I’d do without him.
119. I get scared riding the ferris wheel.
120. I never had vertigo until the middle of Feb.– and I had it for a total of 12 weeks!
121. I believe you should live your life without regrets.
122. I love to have my hair played with.
123. The only things that grandfather brought into my life worthwhile was my step-grandmother, and the nickname of Cicero – which I still like, but no one remembers.
124. I’m born on my Dad’s Mother’s birthday, July 27th.
125. My Dad’s Mom used to buy him a chocolate bunny every Easter since he was a kid, and when she died Jan ’05, he didn’t get one that year. Mom told me how he brought it up, so I continue the tradition for her.
126. My Mom’s Mom birthday is August 30th, and my Mom’s is the 31st.
127. My birthstone is Ruby (red), my Dad’s is Opal (light pink), my Mom’s is Peridot (light green), and my sisters is Emerald (dark green) – so it makes an awesome “Mother’s Band”.
128. Me and Richard are only 3 days apart. His birthday is July 24th, and mine is the 27th.
129. I had white blonde hair until around 3-4, then it turned strawberry blonde.
130. My Mom put me in baby pageants until I was around 1.5-2. I still have some of my dresses put away.
131. Richard bough me a taser, and the thing freaks me out because it’s so loud.
132. My parents have a cow back home that I fell in love with, they named her Cruella because she’s black and white and was kind of fluffy. She had this awesome tuft on top of her head that looked like a hat. I asked my Dad to not slaughter her for meant.
133. I’m intrigued by freegans.
134. I couldn’t be a vegetarian.
135. I want a set of real pearl earrings.
136. I’ve kept several pairs of jeans from the last 5 years so I could eventually get back into them, and with the lap band I now can. I have one pair left, and they’re actually older than the 5 years, because they’re from right before Rich came home and we started dating. – I finally got into those jeans!
137. I wont wear sleeveless tops because of my “bat wings”. I can’t wait to have those suckers cut off.
138. I’m terrified of having any more surgeries. I didn’t like anesthesia.
139. My voicemail ring tone is “I’ve Got a Crush on Obama”.
140. NKOTB still makes me smile.
141. My mom went as far as Dallas to get me all the NKOTB dolls when I was little. I wish I’d taken better care of them.
142. If we didn’t clean our room the two weeks Dad was at work, and he came home to it dirty, he’d pull his truck up to our window and throw our toys into the bed, take ‘em to the pasture and burn them. We learned real quickly to pick ‘em after that.
143. One of my favorite memories of my Dad was when he’d left for work on Valentine’s Day; we came home to find cards taped to all our TV’s from him.
144. My stomach growls louder now with the band, than before.
145. My parents used to own a video store in our little one intersection town.
146. And when we sold it, we kept so many movies, and that’s why I have so many VHS’s.
147. Beyonce and Kanye West bug the hell out of me.
148. I adore Mandy Moore.
150. I loved Mandy in “Because I Said So” with Diane Keaton.
151. One of my favorite Christmas movies to watch is “The Family Stone” with Diane Keaton.
152. As well as an old movie “All I Want For Christmas”.
153. I’ve only been stung by a bee/wasp once in my life.
154. I can’t peel my own crawfish.
155. It makes me happy when Jesse James curls up on my pillow and sleeps forhead-to-forhead with me.
156. One of my big teeth is chipped, and ever dentist has tried to fix it, but I wont let them. I like it for some reason.
157. My Mom found a newspaper cutout from when I was in kindergarten, and Rich is standing behind me. We never put two-and-two together that we went to the same school at that time. I’ve had it framed ever since.
158. I hold my breath when putting a turtleneck or sweater on over my face – it makes me panic for it to “cut off” the air supply.
159. I adore turnip/collard greens.
160. I’ve only lived in Texas, Mississippi and now Florida.
161. I can’t stand to hear people scratching – the noise of fingernails on skin makes me shiver.
162. We had a dishwasher growing up, but weren’t allowed to use it. Dad hated the thing because he said it never got emptied, so we got used to never using it. Since being married, that’s been our best friend.
163. Since Rich was deployed for our one-year anniversary, when he got home, I asked for a washing machine, dryer and deep freeze. I was trying to be domestic.
164. I blush. A lot.
165. I think Obama I cute. I made a no-sew blanket that has him on it.
166. I can’t watch a movie that has a lot of bomb related scenes with Richard because he’ll say what’s BS or not – and now I do it!
167. I went out at midnight to get the last Harry Potter book, I drug Richard along. As payback he read the last two pages of the book and threatened to tell me how it ended for days. He’s evil I tell you.
166. I have two favorite pictures from childhood: One is my parents, me and Tiff waaay back in the day all sitting on the couch. The other is me in the middle, Tiffany as a baby, and on the other side of me is my “My Buddy” doll.
167. I get bored mowing the lawn in straight lines, so I made designs – that’s why my Dad never let me do it growing up.
168. I have to have my ears covered up when I first go to sleep. When we went camping as a teenager, I had a mosquito hawk get in my ear and die, so my Mom had to “boil” it out.
169. I can’t have my food touching – unless it’s Mexican beans and rice, then I mix it. I know, it doesn’t make sense.
170. I adore accents.
171. I’ve had my tongue pierced since I was 18.5 years old, and don’t know when I’ll take it out. For a brief (and exciting!) time I had my neither region done – and I don’t mean my boobies. And for about 2 months I had a second hole in my ears, but quickly gave up on them and just have the single ones I’ve had since I was a baby. 172. I want a nice expensive pair of sunglasses, but can’t stand the idea of paying for them. I usually just stick with a $10 pair from Walmart.

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  1. haha! I married my husband exactly 6 months after we met/started dating!

    I love Mandy Moore too! (but haven't heard from her in a looooong time)

    I love cheap sunglasses too. My husband bought me an expensive pair and I'm too afraid too wear them! haha!


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