Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lazy weekend

This past weekend was pretty uneventful, like most. Rich had a rough week at work, so he was asleep around 10 pm on Friday, and I didn’t know it until I went in there to use the restroom! He was snoring away while “The Simpson’s Movie” played in the background, with Bocephus curled up behind his legs.

I stayed up and watched a few “A Baby Story” episodes I’d recorded off of TLC, and talked to myself when the women decided to go natural, and then would scream ‘Get it out!’ while pushing. Didn’t seem to make too much sense to me, but then again, what do I know. Crazy people.

I hunkered down in bed later and finished reading “Debutante Divorcee”, and then went to sleep. Another book down many, many more to go.

We slept until nearly 11am Saturday – obviously Rich was tired! We goofed off separately for the first part of the day, him playing on the Xbox, and me watching some of the shows I had recorded, but then I got bored.

So what did we do? Broke out board and card games!

We played Clue, Trouble (which was my favorite as a kid!), and then a card game that involves 4 decks of cards, and I don’t know the name, but I enjoy it.

So I was pacified for a few hours with the game playing.

I was Miss Scarlet, and he was Mr Plum - the killer!

Bocephus was bored. He's sporting his UT collar though, he's so handsome.

And Jesse James didn't care as long as we left him alone to sleep. Ah, the life of our cats.

Sunday I went through some of my pictures, and Diego obviously wanted to help out! He has a fascination with boxes, if anything is open; he’s going in it. Rich finds that entertaining because he’ll close him up in stuff all the time and tease him by not letting him out. He’s awful.

I talked to Tiffany for a few hours, and the kiddos – and they of course wanted to talk to their ‘Uncle Richard”, which made his day.

Diego thinks he's helpful.

We needed to do some cleaning around the house, it is Sunday after all, and it’s the day we do that on! Rich mowed the yard, and attempted to with the fight against the ants and weeds. We think we’ve beat the ants, but the weeds are still triumphant.

I cleaned out the car while he was waging war, and Bocephus was chilling in the backseat on his blanket – the car doesn’t even have to go anywhere anymore, just as long as he gets to get in it, he’s happy!

When we were heading in the house, we were looking at the bushes by the porch and how we really need to prune them because of these weird vine-y things coming thru. And guess what? I’ll be darned if they aren’t blackberry vines! Too bad we’ll cut them away, I’d much rather have the berries than these bushes any day, we dislike them so much.

We rented a movie to end the day, ‘Transporter 3’ – who doesn’t think Jason Stratham is hot?

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