Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A goof-off day in Destin

On the 11th we decided to go to Destin to get out of the house – with the rain we’ve been having here, it was time to stretch our legs! And we couldn’t have asked for a nicer day, it wasn’t too hot, and we had some nice wind going – Goldie Locks would have been happy here, I swear.

We started off at a cigar store – yes, yes… I know, it’s gross. But, with the EOD Memorial coming up, I thought it was fitting to let Richard have one for the day before when they’re doing a crawfish boil at work.

Then it was off to Michael’s craft store! I thought Richard would want to hurry me out of there like he’s done before around Christmas, but this time he actually looked around and saw all the wonderment that’s there and was hooked! He found the aisle for wood-burning stuff, and this and that – and was like a kid in a candy store, it was too funny. So now I’m hoping next time I say I need to go there, he won’t mind so much.

We had lunch at McAllister’s Deli, or I tried to. I hadn’t eaten or drank anything all day, and it was already around 2pm, so my stomach wasn’t stretched at all! Two bites in and I was done, and actually had the ‘stuck’ feeling, so Rich put our food in a to-go box for later. Whoa is me.

We decided to take the long way home across the other bridges into Fort Walton Beach to look around some thrift stores for fun.

As we’re going over the first bridge to Okaloosa Island, I saw big boats on on Rich’s side and I must admit, I screamed “Boats! Boats, baby! Boats!” like I was a toddler looking at airplanes (ok, I say it then too – you live near an Air Force base and not think it’s cool!). I’m sad. But at the same time I’m saying “boats!”, Rich is telling me to look out my window at all the party barges in the water - they’re by the sand bars, and the tide was low so people were standing out in the middle of the bay! Too cool.

Or I’m easily amused.

While driving and jamming out to some older ‘90s music on our iPod, we had a very idiotic person riding a motorcycle. He was doing tricks while driving down the road, and it was busy! I obviously tried to get a picture of his stupidity, but it didn’t turn out, but trust me – it wasn’t funny.

And I’ve decided that I couldn’t be a condo-dwelling person. Besides having the dog to deal with, and who wants to take stairs or an elevator at 3am when they have to potty? I just like having my own space – without my walls touching someone else’s. It’s like my food, I don’t like things touching! I’m too much of a country bumpkin I guess.

After stopping at two thrift stores, the Goodwill at FWB is amazing!, we headed home from our day of gallivanting around. When we were outside of town we noticed 2 Magnums behind ours, so when they passed I had to take a pic of it – it was too funny to us to have a red, white and our gray one all in a row!

Again, easily amused.

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