Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm doing this in the hope of keeping our family up to date of anything exciting that may happen for us. Heres to keeping our fingers crossed!

At the end of this month, we will have been living here in Florida for 6 months! It's crazy, I know. To us it's flown by. Honestly, we're still trying to get used to the civilian life - it's not been as easy we secretly hoped it'd been. We knew it was going to be difficult on the financial aspect, but mentally it's just as bad! We live about 10 miles from one of the bases here, and when you hear them doing manuevers, I really don't think much about it (obviously until they're doing bomb drops and it shakes the house, then I'm asking the animals "WTF?"), it reminds me of us living on Fort Hood and seeing the tanks go by the house. So we're still trying to remember to say "Nope, not Army anymore, sucka.", but we tend to forget.

Overall, I think Florida might be growing on me. Maybe. It's entirely too "sunshine-y" - and one would think that that would be peoples disposition, but it's not - and like I said, I miss the cow poop. I miss the silence. At Fort Hood it was never quiet, there was constant noise and it drove me insane, so it was nice to go home every now and then and just be still and actually hear the voices in your own head for a while. Atleast we ended up picking (out of shear luck!) a quieter town further from the beach, and found a nice house to rent.

Richard is happy here. Ok, thats a lie. He's ecstatic! Even on his bad days, he still comes home in a better mood than he did when he was in the Army. He's taken on... actually, I don't know how many classes he picked up now and teaches. He's also one of the head SME's - please don't ask what it means, because I couldn't tell you, but I do know it involves running stuff with the bomb range. He says it's more stress, and no extra pay. The guys at work are saying that he's trying to become one of their bosses, and his response was a normal Richard one - he said that they were thinking too small, he's aiming to own it. Wishful thinking!

Overall though he's thriving here. He's not taking a full dose of his meds anymore, and he's only had one panic attack - that's beyond amazing progress people!

I had my last lap band appointment last week, and me and the doctor talked it over and decided not to do another fill. Since this past monday was our last day on Military insurance, if he'd overfilled me I couldn't go back to get some pulled out. Then I'd run the risk of throwing up what I could eat, the rare chance of the band flipping, and having to find a civilian doctor to take some fluid out.

I have to admit though, I'm ok with not getting a fill done. Mentally, even after nearly 8 months with the band, I can't grasp the idea of only getting down maybe a cup to cup and a half o of food down in a day, and that's it! It's insane to me, but that could be the fat kid in me coming out.

The easiest way to describe the portions I eat are to put it in McDonald's size (see, fat kid). In the mornings I eat a cereal bar, or maybe a half a cup of cereal, or one one egg. Lunch consists of half a sandwich or hot pocket, and dinner is about the size of a quarter pounder hamburger total, sometimes a smidge more if it's longer than 4-5 hours between lunch and dinner.

To me, that can sometimes seem like a lot of food, but compared to what I was eating it's obviously not. I'm happy with the portion sizes I'm at right now, I get restriction pretty quick, and have few throw-ups because of over eating, mainly because of the food type.

I'm still in the 240's, like I've been for months now, but losing inches somewhere - I swear, if the wind gusts really hard, my "bat wings" will make me take off! I got into the last pair of pants I've saved all these years - and they were pre-husband, so 5 years! I'm happy with the progress, even if it's slower than normal, happy is happy.

So, I’m hoping to keep doing this fairly often so that family will feel included all the way back in Texas - and to let them know we miss them a lot.

Remember when you came down in December Mom? This was one of the pics I took while we were walking on the beach!

Our cute rental.

See happy husband? I do, I do!

Evil, evil needles. Thank goodness I didn't have to get the last one done, Dr. Michele obviously poked fun of not getting to jab me. I shall miss that man.

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