Friday, May 8, 2009


I have a bad habit of folding down pages in magazines of things I like, whether it be a book review, music I want to check out, a purse, dress, and here lately furniture. I horde the magazines up for a while until the stack gets about 10 high, and then I go on a ripping rampage.
I divide the torn pages into catagories that match, and then put them away in a file folder I have for future referance - heres hoping that I go back to it!
(I've got tons of things in this folder! I've got a tie that I want to get for Richard with lobsters on it ((It's a thing from "Friends" about lobsters mating for life, and it's been a thing with us ever since, so we have an infatuation with them)), a belt with the blast being a lobster claw, an awesome "Daddy diaper bag" for when we have kids, a dresss that I'm in love with, a bikini from Victoria's Secret that I'm aiming for one day when I get all the excess skin lopped off. Ya get the idea of the folder.)
Anyway, so when I get book reviews from magazines, I put them on the computer for me to pick up at the library, look for at thrift stores or buy. I printed said list out tonight and it's a total of 8 PAGES in a size 12 font. And I haven't finished putting them all in yet. Whoa.
I love to read. If I could, I'd have a rood dedicated to just books, a comfy area to sit, no noise, and I'd probably not accomplish anything and the house would be a wreck. But I'd be damn happy. Rich has his video games, and I have books - it works for us.

So when I saw the review in People magazine a few months ago for the Kindle, I didn't pay much attention to it, but I folded the page down to come back to it. And come back to it I have! I've been looking at this thing, and minus the price of buying it, it seems like a dream! Paying $360 for it is a lot of money, but the good deal is you can download some older books for free, and some only go as high as $10 to buy offine - that's a steal when it comes to how much you'd pay if you bought them in hardback.
The price is the downer. I think I'll lay low for a while until they come out with a cheaper one, or until I win the lottery. :)

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