Thursday, March 15, 2012

Where's home?

Ya know the saying "Home is where the heart is"? It's true... as crappy and as chiche as it sounds, it is. My heart has had a few homes, and now we've got an itch find another.

We're not gypsies by any means, I've only lived in three states, and Florida is as far as I've ever gone - the Army just took us to a few along the way. We weren't lucky like some and get to live in far off locals, we ended up being sent to places really close to home. We've lived in Hattiesburg, Mississippi - we were 21, and too young to fully enjoy the town like we should have, now we miss that place like crazy. We got sent to Fort Hood, Texas which as horrible. I call is the asshole of Texas, I don't see why people love it there, and I'm from Texas! I tell everyone that gets stationed there to not judge Texan's by that place because you have to travel outside of those towns to find real Texan's and see Texas for the beautiful place it really is. After that we came to Florida, and it was alright, I guess, at first... but it never grew on us.
Im'ma Texan, and proud :)

I miss driving down blacktop roads like this drinking a beer, er Dr. Pepper, music up, windows down not going anywhere in a hurry... but loving it. It's moments like that that when I go home to visit, my heart literally aches. I miss the feeling I get when I'm there... I miss how it makes me feel.

To drive down a road and see this on either side of you... it's literally breathtaking. To see cows grazing, a man driving down the road on a tractor, cars pass each other and wave - even if you don't know each other. "Yes ma'am/sir" is spoken, "Y'all" gets said a lot, and coke means any carbonated beverage.

Can you not see how seriously beautiful this photo is?! I need to go back home just to get her to take our photos down back in the pineywoods :)

People get all hyped up when I say we live in Florida... but I don't get it. Sure, I live close to the beach, but I've only stepped into it 4 times, and 3 of those were literally just stepping in - once Rich took me when I was all knocked up with B to help relieve the pressure off my hips. Other than that, we haven't gone.

Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful there, but it's not my cup of tea. I can't lie, when I see pictures like below I sit i aww that I live here.... but do I really care? I'm not a sun san, could care less about playing in he ocean (maybe if I was 70 lbs smaller it'd be different, lol), it's crowded in Destin, theres just too much.... everything really.

But, wow... it is pretty.

We've said for the longest time that our hearts aren't here in Florida. Rich LOVES his job here, it makes him happy to teach here, but as soon as he leaves the base he's unhappy again. Florida just doesn't blow our skirts up, so to speak. *lol*

That hotel or condo there is one of my favorite to look at in Destin - it's beautiful :) Across the street from it is McGuire's Irish Pub, which is amazing!

We've spent some time talking the last few months, and Rich has started to look online at other jobs around to see if there's something that catches his eye. He's seen some on Honolulu, HI - which I quickly vetoed, as much as it'd be cool to visit there, living on a beachy island isn't my idea of fun - Oklahoma City, Fort Lauderdale (the $would have to be amazing to stick in FL), Houston (which would take us back to TX), and he's even seen some in Germany that quickly got taken up, and I wouldn't done anything to go to.

Before he got out of the Army we tried to look at jobs that would allow us to live as close to home as possible to stay close to family - we wanted it for ourselves a bit, but overall we did it for them. We've decided this go around we're doing it for ourselves. If it takes us halfway around the world, then they're Skype, a phone call, email, etc. We want to take advantage of these chances while we can, and to be happy. :)

So with fingers crossed, good karmic vibes, an open heart, and Rich's ability to do something awesome, the job will present itself at some point. Until then, we'll stick it out here in sunny Florida waiting...


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  1. I'm so jealous at your eagerness to just get up & move. Honestly, I dont think it's my DNA to ever be able to do that...I'm too chicken shit haha.

    I think it's great that you guys are planning your next move on you guys and not family. Good luck with your search. Maybe you guys can look into jobs in CA, OR, NV, AZ or WA? I may or may not live in or near those states :)


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