Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another picure dump since I can't seem to make time to post like a normal human being!

Hubs turned 29 in July
(Me too, lol)

His own table/chairs

Being a bum

Happy boy!

Splashpad fun!

He's really gotten into cars lately - typical boy ;)

We put glowsticks in the tub and turned the light off, and he freeeeaked out. Seriously screamed for about 10 minutes, then picked up the sticks and thought they were awesome.

Foooood fight!

Lounging on Maggie

Hey dad, what'cha doing?

She really puts up with more than she needs too, lol

My cabinet never looks nice, he pulls it all out, and puts in back all day.

W did a late night movie a few weekends ago, we broughthim to our bed and put in Shrek, and Rich feel asleep. Haha!

He was having some bad allergies one day, so he spent a lot of time looking like this :(

Last week we went for a checkup and he came in at a whopping 37.5 inches tall, 36 pounds at a few days shy of turning 20 months. I have a future football player, watch out!

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  1. He's so tall! Wow, you've definitely got an athlete on your hands. I love love love that photo of him in the tub! I know it's super mean but I actually love it when kids cry, they're so damn cute.


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