Monday, May 21, 2012

Picture dump

These didn't come out in order :( Ah well, atleast I posted something, it's been a hot-minute!

I took Braxton to the splash pad at the park, he was iffy on it. I thought he'd go batshit crazy since he loves water, but he didn't care too much for it. It may have been because there were older kids there though.

Brax had about 6 inches before he was too tall for his toddler bed, so Mom got him a twin bed :) It's got a trundle underneath, so it it's a double-win! The bedding is Alex the Moody Monster, and I love it. It's super bright and cute. Perk? Both off of Craigslist - and the bedding was never used.

We got another dog two weeks ago, her name is Maggie. :) She's a 4 year old full-blood black Lab, and sweet as pie. She was raised with a 3 and 6 year old boys, so a 17 month old toddler isn't a stretch for her. She's tolerant - and she has to be with Brax, he's always loving on her when he gets the chance.

One, my kid is 17 months old, and digging for gold. He's a winner. ;) Two, see Maggie behind him? She's his new couch.

More splash pad fun.

Yuuuum, peanut butter and Nutella sandwich :)

When it comes to water, B is usually naked. So, here he is outside one day playing with the waterhose  beside his too-small-kiddie-pool naked as a jaybird.

Hello? Anyone home?!
(This was a day or two before we shaved his head - and I won't do that again.)

Laying on his back in the tub - see, a water baby :)

That's all he had left in his toddler bed last week. Yikes.

First night in his bed, and he was snoozin'!

We look for these Mardi Gras beads everywhere, and just keep adding them to his pile - he loves them.

His shirt is slimey-wet from his sucker. Eww.

See, a Maggie pillow! This was two hours after we brought her home!

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  1. oh my gosh, he's growing so damn fast! And what a cutie, especially when eating a sucker haha.


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