Friday, May 18, 2012

Baby fever like a mo'fo

   Braxton turned 17 months on Mother's Day- which I think he forgot he was supposed to be nice to me, and instead was a semi-demon child. Thanks to Rich for trying to keep him at bay, but it didn't work. What demon baby wants, demon baby gets. Haha!
    I joke around that he's a demon baby (trust me, that day he was) but there are more good days than bad - which I'm thankful for.

   I keep thinking that he needs a playmate, a sibling, something! Yea, you read that right, I've got baby on the brain. I keep thinking that if I've done one baby basically alone - with Rich's help, of course - already, why not shoot for two (maybe three if we can win the lottery, haha) and get it out of the way.
   Sure, sure it'll be tough - I'm enjoying sleep now, and then one day I know it'll be gone when I get knocked up again, but I think it's time.
   Winning the lottery is the problem, babies are crazy expensive. We gave away our crib - it was a drop-side and Godzilla baby gave it hell - so we'll have to buy another one. But, thanks to Craigslist, we can afford to get a nice one at a fraction of the price. Same with the walker, and a double stroller (we kept our amazing travel systerm by Chicco), high chair, and clothes if the next potential baby is a girl.
   We hit up a garage sale a few months back and got a beautiful crib set that was gener neutral, and I wish I could remember who makes it because when I googled it was $200 for it, and we got it for... wait for it... seriously, it's amazeballs.... $10 freakin' dollars. Yes. $10. So, that was a score. :)
   So, anyway, back to baby brain. It sucks. Whenever I see other bloggers posting they're pregnant or pushing a watermelon out of the who-ha, it makes my uterus jump. Two reasons, one I want to do that again, but two, that shit hurts.
   The worst thing fo rme to do is watch and seeing how people tell their loved ones they've got another human being growing in them, and it makes me happy, and sad all at once. I want to do that, I want people to get excited and whoop'n holler because of it all. I want that. Can I hire actors to do it for me? I might.

   As of right now I"ll have to put the baby brain on pause, even if I wanted to try right now I couldn't. I have the Mirena still up in there, and that kind of puts a hold on everything. When our new insurance kicks in in August we'll know better when we can give it a whirl. I'm still paying off B's birth now, and the $1,200 a month insurance payment is a killer by itself. So bringing another baby into the mix means double the diapers/wipes (though I'd rather cloth diaper the next one), formula is crazy expensive, and B eats like a horse, so add in regular food. It adds up.
    So, dear future fetus, I shall wait on you.... impatiently. :)

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  1. You're not the only one that has baby brain going on. I've had it for months & we've been somewhat trying (not keeping track of my cycle or anything though) but nothing's happened yet. Babies are definitely expensive but you should have one before Brax gets too old that way they can enjoy each other :)


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