Monday, January 16, 2012

Catching up!

I know Braxton's 13 months now, so we're going to have to backtrack a little bit - and I'm going to have to go back even further after I upload some other pictures, I'm so behind! Sham on me!

We didn't do anything special for B's birthday really, we thought that when we went home for the holiday's we'd do something then, but that never panned out, which makes us a little sad he didn't get to do anything special for his first  birthday.

We took him that afternoon to get his first haircut - we were able to put it in a ponytail on top of his head, that's when you know it's time to take your son for a haircut, lol! He did pretty well, and I"ll go into that one after I upload those pictures later from my external harddrive.

After his haircut, where he came out looking like a little toddler I might add, we took him to McDonald's to get him his first Happy Meal - which he hated. Yes, my kid hated everything about it. We actually had to feed him again after we got back to the house since he hardly touched anyting from it. LOL!

After that, he got to take a long nap, and while he was down I baked a cake and we played with food coloring to change it up, along with frosting. I thought I was going to get him a pretty cake when we went to Texas, so I didn't care if this one turned out ugly, which it did.

After he was up, Rich let him open one of his gifts he'd picked out for him, which was a Sleepytime Elmo. Brax coudl care less about the paper, and we had to open it for him. (Along with all his other gifts from people!)

Just got up from his nap, and not looking too happy. But he does look pretty snazy with his haircut! :)

This face is awesome -he just looks like he's thinking 'Ok woman, take the damn picture so I can do something else already.'

See, told you it was a not-so-pretty-cake. It's got bright green frosting and a teal color cake.

Wow... and boy was he pissed.

He refused to taste it, and hated it being on his hands.

This will so go in his baby book for his first birthday cake picture - he did that the whole time. Even in the shower when I was cleaning him up. He was so angry at us.

To try to convince him the cake was good I tried eating a piece, and then Rich slammed a whole bunch in my face - even up my nose, which is always fun.

The next morning the cake-storm was over, and he was A-OK, again.

After we got home (we were housesitting for a friend during his birthday) we gave him all his gifts for his birthday and Christmas since we were going to go home for the holiday's. I wish I'd take a picture of all the stuff he got, but I forgot. He racked up though - seriously, the garage sales here are amazing. Yes, I got my kid stuff from garage sales (and several new stuff, no worries!) - they grow out of it way too fast, why pay full price for everything?! I'll do a blog post on my garage saling and some of the goodies I got. 

(Matter of fact, that horse thing in the background is called a Rody, and he loves it. Look on YouTube for them, they're from Italy or something. Garage sale. That thing he's sitting infront of, garage sale. Now that car Rich is playing with is new. *lol*)

The day of his birthday I broke out his birthday onsie (I got it at Carter's when he was 3.5 months old on clearance for a $1), and we just had a good time.

(Mom got him the Sesame Street couch, he loves that thing! We use it like crazy - especially since it lays flat in the playpen, so it allows for a "mattress"!)

He watched some cartoons

He got a present fom his PopPop back in TX, and his favorite part? The bow.

It's so cute :)

He loves Jesse James...... not sure if it's mutual.

I have tons more to update on, but I dont' have all the pictures here right now. But, this'll do. :)

I'm a mom to a toddler, and he's pretty damn awesome. :)

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  1. I think it's pretty awesome that he didnt like his happy meal. I dont think I've ever heard of a kid that didnt LOVE McDonalds. Hell, not even I can say not to their delicious fries, haha.

    Your cake, yeah kind of wreck lol, but it was pretty awesome that you guys had fun with it. He looks totally grown up with his new hair cut, btw. A total cutie!


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