Saturday, July 2, 2011

Brax's first road trip!

  I'm having to  backtrack quiet a bit since I've been a horrible blogger, and highlight some stuff that's happened since my last post!
  First my parents came down in April for a quick trip, and me and Braxton went back with them for a two week visit! I can't lie, it was tough! For one it was tough for me since I was the caregiver with no breaks the whole time, and we both got sick (well, it was allergies for him and allergies/sinus infection for me), and we were away from Rich. Man'o man was it all just a  bit much to take. *lol*
  The trip took 11 hours, and Brax did wonderful! Of course he got tired of sitting in his carseat and sleeping, so we made plenty of stops along the way for everyone and finally made it to their house around midnight.
  My sister and her two hadn't gotten to meet him before, so they finally did at 3+ months! It was too funny, as soon as we walked in the house that night Brax was swooped up and taken away to visit - the kids had stayed up late just so they could see him. He was special! :)

  The trip was much needed - I hadn't been home in well over a year, and besides mom and dad, no one had gotten to meet him! But, we got sick shortly after getting in, so we didn't get to see  near as many people as we wanted to - so I'm hoping when we got in for his birthday/Christmas we'll get to see everyone!
  I miss Texas.... man do I miss it. Seriously people, if you're from Texas you understand, but you don't know how much you miss a freakin' blacktop road, people waving to each other as you pass each other, the word "y'all, thank you, and please". I'm telling you, it's the little things. *lol* :)

  I'm normally a camera-whore, and I took my camera with me to TX, but I hardly took any! We stayed so busy, or we were just soaking it all up, and never got around to it.

  So we can officially put it in Brax's baby book that at just over 3 months he trucked his way from Florida to Texas for a wonderful two week vacation with his grandparents!
Aimee loved Brax - she wanted to hold him all the time.

It felt so good! We were able to be in shorts and not be hot, unlike now, and spend some time outside.

Bocephus made the trip in - he's seriously the best traveling dog ever, just sleeps - and always enjoys spending time there. He got to play in the cow pasture (and roll in manure) and just be a dog!

The kids love their dirt pile, it was hours of fun!

*lol* Tucker and his mohawk :)

Tucker and Aimee :)

I'm looking at these pics and just amazed at how different Brax looks now , blows my mind.

Lots of popsicles were had.
My (ex) brother-in-law, Shaun. He brought over his son, who's the same age as Tucker, and visit with them. I also went to his wife and saw his family.

Nanny and Braxton

Poppop and Brax

Tucker was showing you city slickers how us country  bumpkins roll.

I'm huge on nicknames, they stick with you forever, and I always wanted his to be cute incase it stuck. Well, it's become Chicken. I don't know how or why, but it is. So, Nanny found a stuffed chicken at  Big Lots before Easter, it chirps, and he loved it. It's officially put on his bookshelf until he wont eat it, but we chirp it when I pick out a book.

Richard's parents got to meet Brax for the first time.  It's  been a few years since we've spoken to them, but it was nice to see them with their first grandbaby :)

Richard's little brother, Karl, who's not so little anymore. *lol*

Nanny and Brax the day before we left.

  When we were home me and mom decided that it'd  be great to  have a photo done of all the grandbabies since it's the first time they're in together, and it'd be the last for a while. It's so hard to come in! So, off we went to Gymboree to hunt for clothes, and photos were booked and done!
  I will say that it wasn't easy to get three kids to smile or look in the same direction at the same time, it was frustrating. Aimee was in a funky mood, Tucker was just himself and being hyper, and Brax is 3 months - need I say more?!

We all agree that Brax was just too cute to pass up onthis photo, so it was their group shot.

We did a spur of the moment shot of Brax and me holding him, and I love it. It captures how happy and funny he is all the time. :)

Tiff and me - we haven't done a sister shot since I graduated high school ten years ago!

Tiff and her two :)

Eh, me and Brax. I'm not a fan of it persay - especially the reflection in my glasses - but it's still a great mommy-and-me photo.

Tucker :)

They're just too damn cute.

Ok, we had to go with the odds on this one - me and Brax don't look good at all, but the other three do. *lol* So, they won. :)

  I was so sad to leave TX after our visit, but so ready to be back home with Rich and in our house, doing our routine. I can't wait to go  back in December for Brax's first birthday, and Christmas! He'll be older and more aware of what's going on, it'll be amazing.

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  1. I love the photos! You & your sister look a lot alike, especially because of the glasses.

    I think it's great that your husbands parents got to meet the baby. Even if you all dont talk/see each other much at least there was this moment.


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