Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

  Thanksgiving became a holiday for me and Rich somehow... I'm not sure how it happened. Well, that may not  be true - we live away, and aren't usually able to make it in for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  To be honest, we actually enjoy it being "our" holiday. For one we don't have to make a big fuss about making food, just enough for us for a day or two and we're good. Inturn we don't have to worry about being up at the butt-crack of dawn to start cooking, and we can lounge in our pj's all day and do whatever we want. *lol*

  This year was no different than last, except we didn't cook and I'm kinda of 9 months of knocked up. Ok, so it is a bit different - but it's still just me, Rich and the furbabies. This is our last one of it just being a solo-couple one for us, so it's a bit bittersweet.
  We ordered our dinner from Cracker  Barrel instead of us cooking this timme around, I had no want to stand in the kitchen cooking with this big ol'belly, so we opted out. And I will say this, it was awesome. We haven't had Cracker Barrel but once each, and that was six years ago, so we tried it out last weekend for lunch to make sure we did the right hting by ordering out meal with them, and they didn't disappoint! We got enough food to feed 6-8 people: turkey breasts, ham, dressing, gravy, cranberry sauce (which is out of this world), biscuits, mac'n'cheese, green beans and cheese hassbrowns, and Rich got himself a pumpkin pie -- all fo rless than $60. We're happy with it, and there is a huge chance we may do it again at Christmas if they offer it. I can't imagine my parents wanting to cook, I know I won't with a brand new baby at home!

  Rich has until monday off, so we're taking advantage of it and being lazy. What? - you expect a lot from us? *lol* He'll get to play his video game a bit, I'll play online, we'll do cleaning saturday, and tomorrow we'll finish what we have to in B's room. It'll be an easy long weekend!
   I did start throwing some stuff in my hospital bag today, and realized how small it'll be, I figured I'd have a huge  bag. *lol* But that is aperk of living within a mile of the hospital too. I just want to be as prepared as we an  be if/when we go to the hospital to have him, I just want it stress free. I mean, I know people who gete all dolled up to bring their  baby home and both wear cute outfits - not me, I'll probably be in sweats and houseshoes - again, we live a mile away - and he'll come home in the outfit me, my sister and her two kids came home in, and their footie pj's. *lol* We're making it as easy as we can, people.

  I haven't felt anything too strong going on down there, or I don't think I have - I have no idea what I'm looking out for! *lol* It feels like he's trying to head-butt his way out of my lady parts, punching my hips, and some lower back pain, but other than that.... I guess it's it. It may be locked up tighter than Fort Knox for all I know.
  I go tuesday to the high risk OB since I had another attack a week ago, they want to make sure things are ok or whatever. Then two days later I see my regular OB inhopes they have my results from the high risk OB, and we'll go from there. The only thing that's bugging us is that we'll be 39 weeks that next day, so we feel like he's pushing it.
  I feel responsible for the heart issues since I hadn't brought them back up to the doctor for a while, but every time I did he just kept saying they were normal parts of being pregnant, so I went along with what he said. Maybe I should have pushed harder to make him listen, I dunno... doesn't matter now though, we're at the end of this pregnancy and B can come at any time! *lol*

  Holy crap... B can come at any time. Yikes.

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