Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The doctor made some changes...

  Come to find out, we're going to be 36 weeks this friday - so we were ahead about a week and a half. So it threw a little kink in our couting down, but it's all worked out now. Since I missed last week, we'll make sure to take photos this week - I feel like my belly is so much bigger than two weeks ago!

  At the doctors visit last week I think I actually gained two pounds - but he didn't confirm it with me. I'll check when I go in this tuesday to see.

  While I was at the doctor, I told him that I was still having heart issues where it'd spike up to 120-130 without me even doing anything, and it was taking a toll on me. So he prescribed me Tenormin to take once a day, and said it should help.

  Weeeell it kind of did. I was on day four of taking it when it bottomed out my blood pressure to 79/40 - but my heart rate was fine. *lol* I got hot out of nowhere, cold sweats, my hands and feet were cold, I could barely move my arms (luckily I'd been reclining in teh chair so I had both phones in my lap), I was having a hard time  breathing, felt faint and beyond lethargic - it just all around was not good.
  I was able to pull enough strength to call my OB's office where they immediatly patched me through to the nurse who told me to either call 911 or just go straight to the hospital to get checked out - talk about making me panick more! I tried to get ahold of Rich, and luckily I wan't able to  - he would have walked right out of work and raced home, and I don't need him getting in trouble! I did get ahold of Mom who told me to just go in to the hospital and get looked at.
  My friend, Melissa - which it jsut happened to be her birthday, came and picked me up and took me to the hospital where I spent two hours up in L&D. By the time we got there, my BP and everything was back to normal! So the whole episode lasted about half an hour, but damn was it scary.
  They strapped me into the monitors and kept and eye on B, and took my BP every now and then. Basically I just laid in bed and talked to Melissa until they discharged me with instructions to cut my does of meds in half and see how I tolerate them.
  Nowwhen they were hooking me up to the monitors the  nurse had a hard time finding B - I wasn't worried, I'd felt him kick on the ride to the hospital, so I knew he was fine. She asked where we normally find him, and I told him it changes from visit to visit, he moves like crazy, and she'd just have to hunt for his heartbeat. She looked in my lower belly since I'm almost 36 weeks and he should have  been head down.... but she found the beat up near my chest - he was breech. *lol* He has a mind of his own! But I will say that the next day, he was back head down (I can tell whne he gets the hiccups), and then today he was head up again. I swear he's going to keep us guessing all the way to the end.

  So far I'm tolertaing the meds being in half, they still make me feel funny - still get tha thot feeling, even if it's not nearly as bad, and get really sleepy, which is a normal. I think from now on I'll take them about an hour or more before I normally take a nap, that way they don't get affect me like they do, and I can just sleep right through it.

  Rich has a four day weekend, and we're going to take full advantage of it by doing nothing! We have some maintence cleaning to do in the house, and we'll finish up what needs to be done in B's room, and laundry, but that'll probably be it for us. Rich hasn't had this many days off since last december when we went home for Christmas, so he's a happy camper right now. He'll be even happier the week of Thanksgiving when he gets a nother four day - so November is looking up.

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