Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some random pictures from yesterday

See, I told ya B's room is a disaster area. Ugh. (I should be in there cleaning right now instead I'm on here.) But I will say I know where everything is going and whatnot, so it'll be an easy fix this weekend.

Both of these tubs are what I washed this past weekend. The gray one alone is all clothes - you can see the UT blaket and the burp clothes  on top, but everything else is clothes. I could hardly get the lid on! He's totally set on clothes for the first six months atlest.

The little green tub is his blankets - which at first I didn't think I had enough, but I was wrong. I have three blanket I had as a baby, and two of them have been washed and put in there for B to use - the other one is all pink, lol.  Ok, and one that I washed is actually really girly with faint roses on it, but it's still one of my favorites. *lol* Rich said it'll be one we use only at home, and it'll actually be a great tummy time blanket since it's so large.

I have 4 Aiden+Anis (sp?) swaddling blankets in there - I love how thin they are since they're muslin. It'll be great this winter so B doesn't get too hot being bundled. And added bonus is those things are huge! I'll have no problem swaddling him up, that's for sure.

(We thought it was awesome you can close both canopies and he's completely shielded from the elements - which'll be nice this winter!)

Here's the lovely travel system from Chicco my parents bought us! :) I'm smitten with this system, I can't lie. It's the Cortina one, and just wheeling it around the house, it drives like a dream. We can't thank my parents enough for it!

We flipped back and forth on to get a travel system, talked to several friends and everyone had their own opinion. So we decided to go with our gut. Granted the stroller is larger (and I love that it opens with one hand!) but B'll be able to use it for years to come, and Chicco's products are amazing so we'll be able to carry it over to another baby.  I'd rather have a great carseat/stroller that will last for years to come versus buying a cheaper one and having to upgrade it later on, but it's just my personal opinion.

As soon as Rich got home he started playing with the system - and Bocephus wanted to join in. :) I had to convince Rich to wait putting it in the car already - we've got a few weeks to go. *lol* And besides, if he came early for some reason, we literally live a mile from the hospital, it's not like we'd have far to go to get it.

Rich was afraid the animals - ok, the cats - would play in the system, so while he was at work I left them both sitting out to see. They sniffed and walked around them, but didn't care about it all. It may had to do with that fresh-out-of-the-box smell they didn't like, or the actual large box was way more exciting than the stroller. *lol* Either way, they did good.

This is what I'm talking about on Rich being awesome this pregnancy! :) My belly is really starting to get in the way, and the idea of leaning over last night to take off my toenail polish didn't make me happy - so he did it for me. Doesn' the rock?!

Oh, and FYI, polish remover will eat the varnish (or whatever it's called) off of your coffee table. Normally I would have freaked out about it, but didn't. We both dropped two little drops on the table on accident and when he wiped them up, it was pulling the varnish off! I told him we have a baby on the way, those two little drops aren't freaking me out at the moment. *lol*

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