Wednesday, October 13, 2010

  I realized I'm 8 months now... 8 weeks left.... 3 paydays.... 60 days. WHAT?! Seriously, where'd the time go? I always thought people were basically full of it when they'd talk about how it'll just fly by - I mean it's 9 months, almost a year, how does that fly by? But, trust me... it does. And it'll be a fast kick in the crotch when you realize it. *lol*
  I wish I could say that we're all set and ready for B to be here, but that'd be a big fat lie. I'll have to take a pic of his room later, it's such a disaster. We've lived here two years this month, and both extra room have been basically for an office and storage, so we have stuff to go through. His closet was no exception - the whole bottom half of it was full of random stuff I'd packed away in there - sewing machine, box of extra table clothes and curtains, picture frames, you get the idea. The computer closet was even worse! We went through both this past weekend and have stuff pulled out to give away, and it's not looking nice. We also sold the elliptical we'd gotten earlier this year at a garage sale since it took up a bit of room, and honestly, it scares the hell out of me - it hurts! *lol*
  So now we're in some semi-nesting kind of mood (when it hits, normally I'm just beyond tired and would rather curl up on the couch and watch tv), and we'll finish both rooms up this weekend. The compute room will double as a guest room (don't worry mom and dad, the liter box will be taken out of here by the time you arrive) for when my Mom comes down to stay a while. We just have a blow up bed, so it'll be easy to put it up when needed, and then put it in the closet when no ones here. We'll eventually get a regular bed in here in hopes of actually having guests.
  B's room will take a while. I hate to say it, but I just haven't gotten as excited as I thought I would when it comes to decorating it. I know it's because all the stuff I want to do will cost way too much, so I'm just holding back. *lol* Well, that and we only have anothe ryea rin this house and what if we decide to move? I don't want to do so much to his room and then leave it.
   There aren't too many neccessities that we need to get - basically sheets for the bed (we'll buy a 'bedding set' at some point maybe), waterproof pad to put under them (I looked for one for our bed, but it's so deep! I'll be putting those "puppy pad" things under the sheets on my side of the  bed in the next few weeks just incase my water breaks. *lol*), medicine (Mylicon, tylenol, etc), a Boppy, maybe a manuel breast pump (if I'm able to BF I'll get an electric one later), maybe the Dr. Brown bottle set (but will keep the plastic on them just incase I take them back) and some formula to have on hand. I think that's it.... I'll have to look at my list.
  Dad had said that the first 30 days babies don't require a lot - diapers, food and a place to sleep - so don't fret over the stuff you don' thave yet. And I've taken that to heart, I needed to hear it. I'm feeling so overwhelmed by the stuff we haven't gotten yet that I was getting down about it. So the first 30 days I'm not worried, we'll be able to get the rest of the stuff right after he's born. :)

  Rich has been a wonderful help, I seriously can't praise him enough for all he's been helping with since we got pregnant. I told him he'll need a push present by the end of this instead of me! *lol* :)
  He's so excited, he tells me all the time he just can't stand waiting the last two months, that B needs to hurry up already - and my reply is always "hush ya mouth!" since I"m no where near ready. He just gets this big ol'grin on his face everytime he walks into the baby's room, or see's me have a bout of nesting.
  Last weekend I washed all of B's clothes, blankets, and burp rags and I swear the smile never wore off of him. He'd helpe me hang clothes out on the line and just say "Look how little!" and just melt. *lol* He's a goof. But atleast everything is washed except B's washrags, two onsies, a beanie, and the sheets when we get them!

  Today the Chicco carseat, base and stroller came in that my parents bought us. I'm so excited to get it all together! It just makes it that much more real that we're almost to the end and eventually there'll be a baby in there. Kinda scares the hell out of me! *lol* I'll be taking pictures of it as soon as Rich finishes putting it together today.
  He works with several police and firemen, and on of them is going to check out the carseat and how it's sitting when we do put it in the car. Rich thought it was funny that people actually do that, but I've never put one in the car, so I could always screw it up. So that'll be one more thing off our list of to-do's.

  We were scheduled to go to a breast feeding and lamaze classes last week, but backed out. *lol* I have the Sheri Bayles (I think that's how you spell her name) DVD collection and book, and it's the same thing I'd be sitting in on. This way I can do it from the comfort of my couch, in my pj's, get comfortable and eat while watching instead of sitting at a table in an uncomfortable chair for nearly 8 hours.
   So we'll be watching those DVD's in the next few weeks to prepare ourselves.
  My last doctor's appointment went well, nothing exciting. I'd actually gained one pound, but lost it by the next two week appointment. *lol* He said he wasn't worried still since the baby is measuring fine, but for me to try to put some weight on. So I'm still sitting at negative or even on weight as of now - but I've gotten a belly for sure! Theres no hiding it.
  I've been eating ice cream every night in hopes of upping my calories, and let's face it - it tastes good to. :) I figure I'm not going to let myself get all up in a fit about the weight issue unless the doctor says to - I refuse to stress out about something I can't control. I've been keeping an eye on the lap band boards, and I'm not the only person who's stayed even or didn't gain, so no worries.

  I'm sure there's more, but my brain is just a huge fog right now.... But I shall be back with pictures! :)

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