Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This is the most amazing company!

A few weeks ago I contacted a company called Aminals to see if they'd like to do a review. I'd seen they're toys on other blog sites and just had to see what was up with them.

  Now first let me say that I'm not the most earth friendly person, I admit that. BUT, since finding out we were pregnant I've started looking at things differently. I don't like the idea of using disposable diapers if I don't have to (that's another post all together), cleaners that can harm us, the baby or pets, recycling when I need to, etc. It just opened my eyes to things, and this company had a lot to do with it.

When I recieved the liun (lion), I fell in love right off the bat - mainly since me and Rich are both Leo's, it's silly, I know. It was soft, and you just wanted to hug on it. See, even the cats like it!

I really enjoyed reading this exert from the pamplet that came with Liun:
"Our children live and play in imaginary worlds and secret spaces - the invite their dolls to sit for tea parties, eat mud pies, or carry them upside down to  bed with them to keep scary night mosters at bay. They do this in their artworkd too!"

I remember having the My Buddy doll growing up, and how much I loved him! I can totally see these products being the exact same way - and teaching everyone a lesson at the same time.

Now all the dolls are 100%  organic - no worries about any synthetic poisons getting into our bloodstreams through skin contact.

This not only benefits our children, but the small-scale farmers who do everything in their power to make their fields a greener place.

One of my favorite parts of this company is that your Aminal is a bio-nutrient!

After he/she's been loved on, you're able to follow their instructions on their website and help him/her turn into compost to help make your gardne grow! It's the wonderful cycle that doesn't end! I could see this being a wonderful adventure for any little one that doesn't want to fully "let go" of their ogranic lovey, and instead help it continue it's life in a different way.

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  1. Composting a stuffed animal? That is pretty unique. I wish I could recycle some of my daughters stuffed animals that way...we have way too many.


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