Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Verizon, you blow

  We've been loyal Alltel customers for six years - we loved it. Now Verizon has taken over and it all turns to crap.

  We got a phone call last week saying we could come in and upgrade our phones, our planes would be "grandfathered" in, and we'd be good to go. We're thinking "SCORE!", so we head up there this afternoon, and  boy we were wrong.
  First off, when we walk into the store - that's been there for a long while now - and it looks like crap. The customer service reps were all lounging behind a counter, and only one asked if we needed help - the other four were helping one woman , and they were actually on the phone with the main Verizon center, so I should have been worried. (Since I worked for Verizon's call center years ago, I kind of know what's going on, and it came in handy.)

  Ok, so the guy was being polite helping us, but the girl who he was training - oh, the guy doing her training was in high school! Come on. Anyway, so the girl literally had her boobs popping out of her shirt. I'm in no way a prude, I don't mind a little big of cleavage, but for your bra to be showing, and you're leaning over, and you're unbuttoned to the third button - we have a problem. It's tacky.
  (The other girl working there had on skin tight tube dress with spikey heels - do they go clubbing at night and decide not to change clothes?! Seriously, Verizon, get uniforms for these sluts.)

  We wanted to change our numbers, so he got on the phone with the main center  because he couldn't do it - really? - and he was talking to them. He mentioned something about being charged for hte change, so I ask him if we are, and he says to hold on and continues doing things to our account.
  It was going to be $30 to change our numbers!?! Oh I was livid - nothing pisses me off than for someone to ignore me and then continue making changes to our account when I've asked a question.
  He got the charges dropped, and we'll just have the $4.33 proration fee for one day - which I knew was going to be there. if anythign else shows up on my bills I'll kick some ass.

  After all that we bring up that we were told we could change our phones without changing our plan - and then they proeed to tell me that we can't, we'll have to go on their plan. No. I argue that his people called me and said this was true, why are they lying,  blah, blah, blah.
  They say we can switch to 700 minutes for $100 for the first phone, then $40 for the second, and then $30 each for unlimited data/text - plus taxes. We pay around $170 for what we have now - everything unlimited 500 (which we dont' use all of),and now they want me to pay over $200? No. No. No.
  My voice got raised, the "manager" there got an attitude which made the voice raise, and we left telling them that they're service sucks and we'll be changing carriers as soon as our contract is up.

  So, Verizon Wireless, you blow. Especially the horrible staff you have here in town.


  1. Wow. I have had Verizon Wireless for YEARS!!! I have never had these problems with them. Sounds like that store has issues and doesn't know that they are talking about. Robby and I pay about $155 a month for our cell phones. We have 700 anytime minutes, unlimited Verizon to Verizon, unlimited text and unlimited data with our blackberry's. I would definitely go somewhere and get a second opinion. Like I said I have NEVER EVER had a problem with Verizon and I have had them since about 2003!!

  2. Get uniforms for these sluts - LMAO....sorry...I hate cell phone crap like this.

  3. I would like to tell you that AT&T is better around here but alas, it is not. We only got AT&T because they were the only ones that actually had reception on Eglin when we moved here. Now they are the only ones with iphones...sigh.

  4. I hate Verizon. Worst customer service ever.

    This is both awful and funny: once my friend went in to the Verizon store to get a new phone and the guy helping her would NOT stop hitting on her. Then as she was leaving, she got a phone call and picked it up, and it was the GUY FROM THE VERIZON STORE, who helped himself to her digits after getting them from her when he sold her the new phone. Sooooooooo ridiculous!

  5. Wow, Yes, just like jennifer said. Always get a second opinion. It insane.
    I am your new follower. come visit my blog when you can and see all our fun post.

  6. Ditto. We have been with Alltel for years and now have to be with Verizon and our bill(same plan) is almost DOUBLE the costs! ughh.

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    Good luck!
    Staci at Craftify It!


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