Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tomorrow is the day...

  Today I am on a liquid diet - and trust me, I wouldn't want to meet me in a parking lot right now, especially if you have a bag of food. I may eat your arm off just to get it. I'm starving.
  Ok, more than starving - I swear I'm like one of the Looney Tune characters (best cartoons ever, btw) when ones hungry, and the other turns into a walking cooked chicken or a rack of lamb or something. Yea - the dog is looking tasty. *lol*

  Heck, I didn't even make it 24 hours when I had the lap band done and I was on liquids the day before surgery - granted Rich and mom were eating Subway infront of me, so I had a bite. Bad me.
  Today I'm trying, but have already failed - not bad though! I think I ate 20 peanuts, that's it. The rest of the stuff is allowed - water, tea, chicken broth (which made me want to gag this morning), orange popsicle (which didn't taste good), and horrible orange jello. I loathe jello. It's evil.

  So, overall I'm ok. I took the two tablets early - it was cleared with the doctor since I have the  band, and I have to drink a half gallon of liquid-make-ya-poop-yourself, and it'll take me longer versus a person who doesn't have a band.
  The pills finally took affect about an hour and a half I took them, and now I'm dealing with awful stomach cramps.  Next I'll have to start drinking the liquid, and I'll live the bathroom for a few hours - thank goodness I can see the tv from the toilet. *lol*

  Tomorrow I have to be there at 9am to do paperwork - which they already called me to get the info, so why do I have to be there an hour early? 10am I'm supposed to go back and have the procedure done, which should take no longer than 30 minutes. After that I'll be in recovery since they will hae doped me up inhopes of erasing the last half hour from my memory. It better work - seriously, if you YouTube colonoscopy's you can see them actually perfroming them and how the "big" the freaking camera thing is. It makes my stomach hurt thinking about it. Damn colon.

  So now I'm off to enjoy playing online while I can still sit down.

For your enjoyment pleasure, Billy Connolly makes jokes about his colonoscopy - not ok for work, people.


  1. Don't forget to bring a good book into the bathroom with ya. You watched a video of the procedure? Yikes, I don't want to see that!

    I will be thinking of you:)

  2. You poor thing!!!!!!!!! I feel your pain. How'd everything go?

    Also, SHOOT, I totally missed the day, but if you ever have to do it again (hope not) these honeycomb candies:

    are safe for a liquid diet!

  3. Aw, hon, that sounds miserable :( Is everything okay? Did it go okay?

    Thinking of you. xo


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