Thursday, March 25, 2010

I wish FL was like this all the time.

The weather here the last few days (minus today, it's raining) has been amazing! I swear, if FL was like this all the time I wouldn't complain! *lol* The temperature outside has been great and the skies have been bluer than blue. Nice.

Weekend before last we spent a lot of time outside, even if we just sat on the porch under the patio, we enjoyed it - and so did Bocephus.

One day the wind was kicking so hard I was able to do 6 loads of laundry on the line - that's insane! And was nice since I didn't have to worry about clothes for a few days. *lol* I hate admitting it, but we still haven't gotten the heating element for the dryer - and it's moving onto three months now. *lol* We haven't missed it - I just put the stuff on the line and don't worry about it. Now I will be going to get it later, but until I really need it, I'm not worried.

Last summer I wish I'd thought of putting clothes on the line, running the dryer during the day made the house so hot! This summer I'll be using the line a lot more - anything to keep it cooler in the summer. This fat girl doesn't like it when it's hot.
I know I won't appreiate this pretty sky come the summer when it's 100+ outside, I'll be bitching the entire time. *lol* But as much as I love the cold weather, I'm really enjoying this mid 70's days, it's nice.

Bocephus really has - every time I go to put clothes on the line, he comes out and just lounges on the uncovered patio portion and soaks it up. And since I"m a sucker for him, I grab a book/magazine and read for a few minutes until he's ready to come in.

And finally Rich is enjoyingn it - can't you tell by that big grin?! (And that's pollen on the table, it's really coming down!) I keep telling him we need to get the outside work done now that it's nice out instead of how we tried last summer where we waited too long and were miserable outside trying to do it all. I think he agrees now - it's just actually us going to do it though.

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