Thursday, March 25, 2010

I have this insane urge to spring clean right now, but Rich is a guy and does not have the same urge. I think that is just programmed into a guys DNA or something - kind of like how they don't think dirty socks should make it into the hamper or to put the dirty dishes into the dishwasher and not on the cabinet. (Does that infuriate anyone else but me?! Seriously, you made it into the kitchen cabinet, but it's too much effort to pull the handle down and put them in it? Ugh.)

So while I still have a lot to do on the spring cleaning front, I'm trying. Our house isn't dirty - especially the "public areas", but the one extra bedroom has been become a storage area, and that doesn't include "man land" outside in the storage building - it's full!

I just want it all nice and to try to start buying extra furniture - we really  need an extra bed for the guest room so when people come over (if they ever do),  they'll be able to sleep on something other than the floor. But I know I can't just snap my fingers and make it happen, so I"m trying to be as patient as I can... which isn't too great.
I've been trying to weed down the magazines on the back of the toilet - oh come on, everyone has something in their  batherooms to read, I'm just more open about it. *lol*

Those few magazines on the left are from the day of colonoscopy prep alone - wow. The pile on the right are pages (and some whole magazines that pertain to babies) that I tore from the magazines on the left.

I like to dog-ear pages I find in magazines that I like - it might be a purse, (Oh they are such a weakness fo rme - you bitches can keep your hateful and painful high heels shoes, I'll take a purse anyday.) book, music, article, clothing, or more recently pictures of the interior of houses.

This little quirk drives Rich insane - more especially because it takes up space in our filing cabinet. I just file them away until a later date, then I go through them all and divide them into catagories. Well, that and he hates hearing me tear pages out for forever - I just let htem build up over time and have one tear-all-out session every few weeks. *lol*

I have stuff ranging from a bikini I feel in love with before I had lap band surgery - and I fill I'll never get into - a pictures of Kate Gosselin ina bikini after her tummy tuck, a hot pink baroque chair with yellow  material. All of it's odd, but it's me.
Rich is in charge of his own bathroom - I refuse to clean it... well unless company is coming over and he's not here to to do it, then I will. I know he's no programmed to do it once or twice a week like I am, but he's gotten tons better than what he used to be.

On that particular cleaning session he actually got down and wiped the around the bottom of the toilet bowl and everything - I was so proud!

Am I the only person who just doesn't clean with  gloves on? Rich find is gross that I just clean the bathroom with my bare hands - he has to wear gloves or he freaks out. I just don't think about it, I just do it and wash them afterwards. I always tell him that he picked up some nasty stuff in Iraq, but he can't clean a toilet up? Doesn't make sense to me. *lol*
This is the xtra bedroom that has gotten too small... ok, we just have a lot of stuff and nowhere to put it just yet.

We've already established that I like blankets, I have a big basket full of them, and this is what hapens when I have them all clean - it gets too tall. And Jesse James sleeps on them.

The blue tun infront of the windown has Diego on it, and it's full of more blankets - vaccumed sealed so more fit - and it just needs to make it's way out to man land at some point.
Every winter I pull out the winter clothes, and since winter lasted a bit longer than the last few years I haven't gotten the chance to put them up yet. Instead they're sitting in Mom's old rocker (which I adore). This is what'll happen this weekend, they'll all go bye-bye to the upper half of the closet in containers.
I need to go through all my phots and see which ones need to be put in seperate albums (this is where my OCD takes over and makes me anzxious - like what to do when you have family and friends in one photo, which album does it go in, the family one or the friend one?! Eck!

After I go through them all, I then need to scan them and put the copies on my  harddrive just incase something where to happen to the orginals. :: Knocks on wood::

I know I have a lot of stuff still to do, but it's going to get done. I want to make this house a home, especially since we signed a long term lease and will be in it a while. *lol* That means painting walls and setting up rooms and just making it all nice. It'll just happen one room at a time.

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