Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Old Navy made me happy last week

I won one of the coupons for $50 off of $100 from Chelle, and last thursday when Rich got off work - the day it expired! - we went to Fort Walton Beach to go shopping! (And now that I'm thinking about it, I might have found more if I'd gone to Destin's Old Navy. Hmmm.)
I haven't gone shopping for me in a while - now that's not to say I haven't picked up a few t-shirts off of clearance at the Bealls Outlet (I swear, you can find some good stuff!) for less than $5. This time I was actually going for me, and I was a bit excited.
Normally I chicken out buying anythig for myself and just get other people stuff, or things I know I can put up for Christmas to get a jump on things - but Rich did good, and he said "no!" Good husband. *lol*

I haven't been to Old Navy for myself in years - I'd been too big to buy anything, so I was a little leary I'd walk out with something. But, I did. I got a boyfriend cardigan (that will get so much use come winter), two tank tops (yep, I think I'll be flaunting my "bat wings" this summer, it's too hot!), 2 flip flops, sunglasses, jeans, khaki cargo pants, pair of capri yoga pants and a t-shirt for Tucker for christmas of Spiderman.
The Spiderman and yoga pants were on clearance, and that day they were doing an extra 50% off, so I got the shirt for $1.50 and the pants for $4 - how awesome is that mess?!
I tried on jeans, and I fit into a size 20 - the biggest size they carry there before having to order them online. They fit a little big, so I opted to try on the 18's - and they wouldn't come up my thighs! What the heck?! So I got the 20's, and I hope I can wash them in hot water and they'll shrink up some, if not they're comfortable and look damn good with my cowboy boots- as you can see.
I even thought I'd try on some of their cute Maxi dresses - but all Rich said was that they looked like maternity dresses (hello, yes!), and they were all too big in the XXL, but I figured I'd made him run all over teh store getting new sizes in stuff, I wouldn't get him to do it again. *lol* So I'll put those off until next time, or they go on sale.

I got two pairs of flip flops, adn I have to admit - I didn't really need them. Who does? BUT, I do livein Florida, and it's they're national footware, so I figured I needed to fit in since I keep getting odd stares for wearing my cowboy boots. Bastards.
I also found a cute pair of flats, but I couldn't get Rich to help me pick a pair. I swear I need a girlfriend here or a gay guy - oh, please let a 'Mo come into my life! So I didn't get a pair - but I want them. Bad.

I'm feeling the urge to dress a little more dressier than I normally do, i.e. jeans, shirt and tennis shoes all the time. But, not to dressy, because hey... it's not me, and I like to be comfortable. I keep thinking back to the Christmas party when I had to wear a dress, "heels", and a push up bra _ I was so bitchy about it, trust me. It's not a good fit for me.
I'm thinking more along the lines of a nice pair of jeans, flats, a cute shirt and/or cardigan. I'm smaller now- yes, I say that with a bit of an attitude, we know I could be smaller if I was actually getting fills done this past year, but I'm ok. Kind of - plus, if I wanna spit out a little spawn-child, I don't need the fills. Geez.

So all in all, it was a good shopping trip.

(Sorry for the horrible picture of me, my "scrunch" on my hair had fallen out, and I was rushing out the door to the doctors office yesterday. And Rich took the picture. From the toilet. Mwuahaha!)

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  1. You are sooo pretty!!! Look at you!!

    I would totally go shopping with you sometime! I need a girl to shop with as well. Isabella, Madelyn and Leo are not my ideal shopping buddies...haha!


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