Friday, January 29, 2010

To many pictures

We each have an external hard drive with pictures on them. Mine is full of everday ones, and Rich's hard drive is full of God knows what. *lol*

I was in the living room earlier and realized that the box the cat sleeps on is full of pictures I don't have saved. They're actual pictures I had printed before we got a digital camera, and some after.
I have an album full of them whenw e first got married, some of his deployments, family, and the one I really want to get saved is from Israel.

Rich went there a month and a half after getting home from deployment in '06 for the elections, and he was there with ex-President Jimmy Carter and his son.
Rich and his team leader got to go look around while they were there, and he came back with some of the most pretty pictures, that I can't stand it.

So before hurricane season really kicks off, my goal is go through all the pictures, scan and save them. Just incase. ::Knocks on wood::

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