Friday, January 29, 2010

My name is Melissa, and I have a problem...

I'm addicted to baby names. Yes, it's a real issue!

I'm constanly on the alert for them - tv shows, books, word of mouth, whatever! And then I write them down in a book, which before the book was a spiral notebook. It's horrible.

I came across a baby name list I made in high school - HIGH SCHOOL, PEOPLE! Why in the world was I writing down baby names in high school?! I know it couldn't have been for the guy I was seeing, (which ::cough:: is still around since he works for you Dad. Really? Can't you fire him already, it's been almost ten years! HaHa!)yet I have no idea where or why they were there.

After I got married, me and Rich talked about baby names, obviously. He loved Dezi Michelle - and I went along with it for about a year, until one of the guys he worked with said it reminded him of a stripper name. *lol* So, that name obviously went out the window.
I used to love the name Landon Keeth (after the Keith who died, not the aformentioned guy above, geez), but that kind of went out. Sort of, I still like Landon.

Now I wrte them all down in a diary/book thingy and the list just keeps growing, it's insane!
I like the more odd first name and traditional middle, whereas Rich is more traditional in a sense. I loved the name Peyton Ann for a girl (secretly I wanted to call her pancake since her first initials would be PAN, I'm clever like that), but he said all he thought of was Petyon Manning. Silly boy, didn't he know it was Peyton off of "One Tree Hill" show? Guess not.
We also like the name Jorja (say it like the state Georgia), but Mom said it sounded like an old lady, so that was vetoed as well. Ok, and since one of the guys from the unit put their daughters middle name as that, it had to go.

I remember also mentioned I loved the name Aiden Kohl to Tiff, and she just happened to be pregnant with Aimee at the time, so she decided to like it... and mention it to her friend, who also liked it. Grrr.

So now we don't tell anyone our names, they're a secret. And I have to admit that I kind of like the idea of not telling anyone what our future baby's name would be until the day they're born. Muhahaha!


  1. ha ha, we have a couple picked out but we're keeping them secret too!

  2. oh yes me too. i change me too...but i finally quit telling people cause i had this one name i loved and told everyone and then had a friend just happen to name her baby that. oh well!

  3. I looove baby names. It's a sick, sick obsession I tell you!

    Love the names you picked out, btw.


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