Thursday, September 17, 2009

Big Brother 11

I was a huge Jordan fan, ok... a Jordan and Jeff fan - who didn't "Awww!" at everything they did? I wanted her to win from the get-go, and Jeff to win second place, and them run off and get married and have lots of pretty babies. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed it happens.

I'm looking for the video BB played on the unseen footage night of her and Jeff talking about what animals they'd be - I laughed so hard I nearly peed on myself, seriously, really. "I wouldn't be a monkey because they stink and through poo on you." Funny crap people, funny crap.

But I did find these two that made me laugh - one they've showed, the other I found and may not be ok for work areas.

Jordan can't tell time:

Jordan instructs Natalie (gah! I couldn't stand her.) how to use a tampon - it's too freakin' funny:

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