Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Joy's of Mommy-Furdom!

Anyone who knows me, knows that our animals make me happy. Very happy. They have free roam of our house, and can basically do as they please, and I don't care. They are well mannered, don't have messes where they shouldn't, they do shed which is annoying, but they love us as much as we love them. Therefore, it makes us happy.
Bocephus Jason will curl up ANYWHERE he can wedge his lil'butt. And this time it was behind Richard while we were watchign "So You Think You Can Dance" a few nights ago.
*Yes, he has a middle name - all of our animals do.
*He also wont go outside to potty for Richard, which is annoying.
*He doesn't bark usually, but when we go back to my parents he'll bark when playing with their dog, Smokey.
*My Dad "rescued" him from one of his rig hands, who gave him to us free of charge, after he paid a lot for him, but they didn't have enough time for him.
*He loves to go for a ride, but all he does is just lay down and go to sleep. And when he's in the car he, he has a blanket that will fit a full size bed tha that puppies and dog bones on it with his nam emrbordiered.
*He doesn't care for dog toys, so we dont' buy them.
* He adores cheese - he will hunt you down for some.
* He sleeps in the bed by my feet, and when he's not there, I dont' sleep well.
* He was born in October '04, so it's easy to keep count of how old he is because it's the
same year we got married. (So he'll be 5 this year!)
* He doesn't care for other dogs, except for Smokey.
* We've made his "personality" to be a gay french man.
* Why gay? Because he prances and is a total momma's boy.
* Full blood Boston Terrier.
* At Christmas he gets treats in his stocking.
* Diego Guacamole.
* We got him I think in May of '08, a couple was getting rid of him.
* He was a stray, but when they got him the shelter put his age right now around 4 years old.
* We've put his birthday in the month of Septemeber since we don't know when it is.
* He "love nips" me, but doesn't Rich.
* He meows. A LOT.
* He's an awesome snuggler, and likes to be under the blanket with you.
* He hates having his picture taken.
* He was an outside cat before the previous owners, they had his front claws removed, and would only allow him outside in their fenced back yard when they watched him. We don't allow him out, but every now and then he'll sneak out the door and stand there. It
scares me sometimes.
* He sheds. A LOT.
* He's a Turkish Angora.
* Loves to play with toys, and him and Jesse have a huge toy basket to prove it!
* At Christmas he gets toys and treats.
* He has a problem of eating too much and throwing up, so we have to watch him.
* He likes to stay under your feet, so I fear I'll trip over him and fall.
* We've made his "personality" as a stoned gay person who likes to eat - hence the Guacamole middle name.
* Gay again, why? Because he'll hump Jesse even though both are fixed.
* Jesse James
* He was born July 4, 2006 and we got him a month after that
* Maine Coon mix
* He's my "model" of the bunch
* And also the baby, even though we've had him the second longest
* He doesn't like people, especially kids, and will normally just go hang out alone. Hence the name.
* When we first got him he was Rich's baby and when I'd try to hug Rich he'd "growl" at me.
* Now he's my baby
* He still " growls" if someone comes to the door and will stand guard. He's the manliest of the three animals. *lol*
* I'd taught him to say "mama" when he was younger, and every now and then he'll say it.
* When he walks sometimes it reminds me of a person who's pants are too baggy and the'yre legs are bowed to keep them up. It makes me laugh.
* Once after Rich was home for 2 months afte surgery, and he went back to work (and I was working), the very night we both came homeand got into bed after a shower, Jesse had peed in our new bed because he didn't like the change of noone being home.
* We tried giving him away, but we got him back and had him fixed. I missed my baby. No problems since. And we had insurance on our new bed and got a new one. :)
* He also gets toys in his stocking at Christmas time.
* He's fully declawed, and loves to "rub" his front paws on certain surfaces. IE: closet doors, RIch's work boots, my flip flops.
* If I'm reading a book, he'll lay ontop of it to make me pay attention to him.
* I nearly (accidently!!!) killed him because I put the wrong flea killer on him for 24 hours, but was abel to wash enough of. I put him on a pillow by my head all night where he didn't move, and the next day he was fine, minus a leg twitch - which he still has.
* He now will sleep on a pillow by my head if given the chance.
* He froths at the mouth when he goes on a car ride, so we don't like to subject him to much moving.

Aaaah, they have the life!

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