Saturday, November 17, 2012

Garage sales are my weakness

We went to three garage sales this morning, and spent $23 - not bad! We ended up with 6 shorts, a housecoat, raincoat, thick vest, 4-5 shirts, 5 pants, sweatshirts, crocs.

We got the Wall-e tub to put some of B's small toys in, a light saber, 4 dvds, a pellet gun (obviously for Rich), gyrobowl, music book....

I think thats it offhand since I cant see the pics on my phone, haha! We didnt do too bad, and we got B some bigger clothes! I wanted to find him some big toys to out up for his birthday, or Christmas, but no luck today!

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  1. Holy cow, garage sales are pretty awesome in your neck of the woods. The last few I've been to have sucked so I just stopped going to them. Nicely done :)


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