Wednesday, December 21, 2011

He's ONE!

On the 13th Brax turned one! ONE, people, ONE!

Holy crap.

It's hard to belive that much time has gone by, espeically when I look at the above picture and remember all of it like it was yesterday.... and now I'm peaking at him watching Elmo on TV while I"m at the kitchen table typing away.

He's gotten so big so fast!

All that cliche crap people spew at you about having kids, it's true... I hate to admit it. I used to look at them like they were crazy, but it came back to bite me in the ass. That little man rocks my world to the core.

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  1. I can't believe he's one already. It's insane how fast time goes by. I lol when I read that all the cliche stuff is true...this is good to know since the damn baby fever's got really hard.

    So you know I have to ask...when are you going to start working on baby #2? Haha


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