Saturday, July 2, 2011

5 months and growing...

He loves his alien so much that his eyes are now lopsided. *lol*

He's such a happy baby :)

My cheeks flush like that when I first wake up - it takes him a second to wake up.

Melissa and Cameron enjoy having Brax over to play

Just FYI - those baby swim bottoms may hold poop in, but let pee come out on your neck. *lol*

Yuuum, daddy's head tastes good!

He's  been teething since around 3-4 months, hence the drooly, slimy baby. I just gave up on bibs at home (minues when he's eating of course), and jjust change his onsies a few times.

He's discovered he has a tongue and likes to blow rasberries all the time.

The cats and dog are amazing "toys" - he focuses on t hem all the time! He even chases them in his walker, we're workin' on his leg muscles!

Oh yes, rockin' the overalls :)

See, happy water baby. And, he just about never wears clothes swimming *lol*. Melissa just takes him in the pool all nakey - with sunscreen on! -  and he has a grand ol'time. But I will say that if he hasn't pooped yet, he goes in in bottoms.

Hey ladies :)

Ohhhh goodness - guess what he's found?! Yep, his penis, tally-wacker, deedle (as Melissa calls it), peepee and whatever else name youc an think of. He found it the first time in his rubber ducky bathtub, and they've  been pals ever since. *lol* So diaper changes have been interesting, especially if he's pooped, on how fast that hand goes down ther ebefore you can clean the area. It's all downhill from here! *lol*

I'm  one of those people that don't care if the toys is pink/princess/etc and a boy wants to play with it - they're babies/kids, they're going to play with whatever is fun, and I'm all ok with that. So, he has a pink walker - why?  Becuase I got a great deal on it at a garage sale. *lol* He enjoys it, it makes lots of noises, and that makes me hapy.

He actually has quiet a bit of pink stuff - his walker, a flower rattle/crinkle noise toy, bumbo, a flowered baby blanket from w hen I was a baby, and I kno there is something else, but can't remember. I figure if it makes him happy, we'll roll with it!

He laughs all the time - it's so cliche, but it is seriously the best sound ever - and now makes this weird crinkled-up nose face with it. :)

He also babbles all the time, especially with Richard, and this is his babbling old man face.

We've moved out dining table in a corner in our from room we made into a dinig area, moved the rug and put our computer chair in there along with his walker and chase each other. *lol* This is him chasing me as I pushed backwards. We spend so much time doing that during the day, and it's hilarious to see him "running" at you,and then one fo the cats distracts him.

We've also started to sit up by ourselves. Granted I have to sit him up, we're still working on doing it ourselves, but we can actually sit there for awhile before our poofy-diapered-butt makes him fall over.

I will say that Braxton doesn't care about rolling over, he can do it, but not a fan. He also could care less about sitting up, he just wants to stand. All. The. Time. He preferred to stand months ago, but now that he can pull himself up by holding my fingers, it's all he wants to do. So we've started helping him "walk"  by either putting his feet on ours, or just holding his hands up and letting his step his way around. I have a feeling he'll be walking before anything else.

He loves the rubber ducky bathtub I found at a garge sale for $2 - they're $15 at Walmart. Rich can put him in it and he'll play for half an hour easy, just splashing and playing with his toys.

I now make all of Brax's food -  minues his formula, obviously, his cereal and oatmeal. Melissa had an extra Magic Bullet and it's amazing! We've already had green beans, carrots, spaghetti/acorn/butternut/yellow squash, english peas (the worlds worst poo diapers!), mixed veg, corn, chicken, pears, applesauce, banana, oatmeal, pineapple, strawberries, canteloup, spaghetti noodles..... and I can't think of what else.

I do buy baby food when I have good coupons and put them away in our hurricane box just an emergency, but overall everything is made my be. I thought it'd be hard, but it's so easy to do!

Yuuuummy, mail tastes good!

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  1. omg, he's gonna be a little lady killer! What a cutie patutie.

    I love that you dont care that he's in a pink walker, haha. I'd totally do the same thing...a deal is a deal :)


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