Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Big picture post!

This is how I looked most of the labor - just all drugged up and couldn't function. Nice.

This is how I looked during the actual labor part. Again, nice. I'm a big ole'baby. *lol*

I remember the doctor saying he looked like his daddy - since  Rich shaves his head bald - and I told him that after all that indigestion/heart burn he better have a head full of hair, and he did! It was just so blonde you couldn't see it under all that white creamy stuff. *lol*

Mom kept saying how "clean" he came out - he knew his momma didn't want a big ole'mess!

Oh I remember Rich coming back in after taking photos/video of his first bath and he was in tears. He hated hearing Braxton cry.

Doesn't this photo just pull at your heart? He looks like he's being tortured.

His head looks really round here, *lol*. He was a day old.

Since Rich had to work on Brax's first full day of life, he came to the hospital as soon as he showered, he couldn't wait to cuddle with him. Even if the sour lookon his face doesn't show it. *lol*

On Brax's second day he was super gassy and fussy, and only my Mom could calm him down.

Oh how I look like hell - but I was so glad to be home! It sucks knowing that your house/bed is only a mile down the road and you can't go to  it until t hey release you.  I was so glad to be home, adn didn't care that I look like death warmed over.

Look at that  beautiful blonde hair :) He was two days old.

His first sponge bath,w hich he hated. Well, he enjoyed having his head washed, which suprised me, but after that he just got angry. And still is to be honest, but he's slowly stopped yelling so loud and much as the  baths have gone on.

He's such a proud daddy :)

His eyes are a beautiful blue!

He was so skinny and long, he's now chunked up a lot.

Dad drove in from Texas when he was less than a week old, this is him meeting him for the first time.

Proud grandparents - now t hey've got three total!

Braxton's actually got my dad's blue eyes.

Big grin!

My parents had to head back to TX on Christmas Day - talk about emotions running high. I don't thinnk there was a dry eye in the house for a long while.

Mom  broke my heart, she just kept touching him. These pictures still make me cry at a month out.

It's ok Gam'maw, we've got Skype to tide us all over until we get to visit!!

My parents brought me and my sister home in this outfit, and thenmy sister brought her two kids home in it. We had plans on briging Brax home in it, but we got released the day he was super gassy/fussy so we didn't want to disturb him when he actually fell asleep, so he didn't get to. :( We put it on him at around two weeks, ad he was already to tall for it!

Again, proud daddy. He's so smitten with him.

And I am too, I can't lie. Don't pay attention to how rough I look, I'm a mother to a newborn!

Lovin' the faux hawk he's got going on.

This is what I'm going to start calling the "newborn momma look" *lol*

We went to bed before the  ball dropped (we set an alarm to atleast wake up and kiss, t hen went back to sleep), but on one of B's early morning feedings Rich set up the camera and took a pic of us in our sleepy glory. Starting the new year off as a family!

He looks a little gangsta' :)

Oh his pudgy cheeks! He was 3 weeks here.

One of my good friends, Kendra, made B this beanie. I looove the colors.

And she made this one :) We wanted to get professional photos done, but never got around to booking it since it was the holidays.

He's a hungry boy!

I love this one :) We'd bought him some swaddle blankets that have the velcro on them, and he lliked them for about two days, but after that he wanted to spread out! He likes to snuggle up in a ball on your chest, but otherwise he's stretched to the max.

We did tummy time last week, and he wasn't a fan. He didn't lift his head much - but he was doing that on day one - but he started kicking off with his feet making himself rock.

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  1. omg...you two made the most gorgeous baby ever! I love his hair, he has so much of it lol. You look good, even in your newborn momma state. congrats again to both of you, looks like your enjoying every minute of it.


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