Thursday, October 28, 2010

How awful

I was watching "The Talk" and they were talking about this online article Marie Claire did, and I had to check it out for myself - it's just horrible. MC magazine how pushed so hard to have "normal" sized women in their shoots for a year now, and to me, this just defeats the purpose. I'm seriously thinking of cancelling my subscribtion, which sucks since it's my favorite magazine.

After I read it, I posted a reply to the girl who wrote it, and copied it below. I seriously could have just kept going and going about how horrible she is, but why bother?

"Yes, you're being a jerk - I'd like to call you a slew of other harsh names actually. It's people like you who bullied me in school growing up - it's people like you who wrote "fatty!" across my locker in 7th grade - it's people like you who gave me so much hell that I popped diet pills for two years to drop the weight, and still get made fun of. And it's people like you who made me feel so damn bad about myself that I went and had the lap band surgery two years ago in hopes that society would accept me - only to have frozen glasses of water thrown at me while walking through a parking lot while shopping with my husband with the people screaming "Fat ass!" So, yes, you're being a jerk.

I grew up in a loving home where my mother taught me to love who I was - and guess what? she was a "fattie" too - but even she fell to the social norm and went under the knife because even adults can be jerks. I went on to lose the weight with diet pills, and ended up not liking who I was anymore, I put some weight on and guess what? I was happy. I was dating like crazy, and fell in love with my now husband - all while being overweight - "fatties" can love too.

And speaking of my husband, he's overweight as well - so I guess our love would repulse you. He's an Army EOD war vet who's PTSD medication made him gain over 100 lbs, and he can't lose it, even with your helpful dieting tips, we've fought it for over five years. And, again, it's people like you who give him hell - you should be ashamed.

I'm 30 days away from having our first baby,and I read this garbage and am wondering how I am going to be able to raise him to be an understanding human being, teach him that people are all different and we should love them as human beings, when people like you write these things. You're a huge reason why society continues down this horrible path it's on, and I pray that when my son is old enough he'll try to right as many wrongs as he can to end the cycle."

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