Friday, October 16, 2009

We've been M.I.A. because of the P.I.G.

Two weeks ago Rich started feeling bad on a monday, he had a slight cough and just felt kinda 'blah', but he didn't have a fever so he went to work. Wednsday rolls around and he gets home and he looks awful, he has a low-grade fever, cough and feeling terrible. He curled up in bed and within a few hours his temp jumped up to 103. Through out the night he stayed at 102-103, he slept under two comforters, had horrible body aches, didn't sleep well and was in pain.
The next day he called in to work and told them what was going on, they said he couldn't come back in until he'd gone to the doctor and got a note saying whether it was Swine Flu or just regular Flu - which we knew he'd have to do. And it was going to be our first time to use our civilian insurance, so thank goodness we have money in the account. *lol* Boy how I miss military insurance.

So I got Rich an appt with our doctor (who is adorable might I add), and as soon as the Dr walked in, he put on a face mask because you could just tell Rich was sick. I mean, it's 80 degrees outside and he's in sweats! So he goes through all the symptoms and he's diagnosed with Swine Flu and writes us two RX's. While the DR is out writing the RX's, the nurse comes in and gives Rich a shot in the hip for the body aches and she told us how her and her sister just got over the Swine Flu and she said that they just waited it out because there isn't much else you can do about it.
We then went to Walmart to get the RX's filled only to find out that one isn't covered by insurance and the other is, but it only knocked off ten bucks, so we were still going to have to pull $130 out of our butts. We didn't have it, so we didn't get it. I got Rich couch drops, some Theraflu syrup, OJ and came home.

All while this is gong on, I noticed that I had started getting a slight dry cough the night before, but I figured it was because of the drastic change in the weather. Nope. Wrong. Around ten that night I was in full blown 'pig sickness'.
So both of us had been attacked by the pig and were' down and out for the whole weekend.

I thought that the Swine Flu would be a lot like the regular flu - but it was way worse. I was in actualy tears a few times, it felt like the morning after a car wreck to me. The day of surgery felt easier.
Since I don't get fevers hardly ever, the highest mine got was to a 100.5 (but since the the lapband surgery, my body temp runs around 97, so 100 was high anyway, lol) with horrible body aches. We sweat like there was no tomorrow - Rich had a sweat stain on the sheet - thank goodness for the mattress protector!
I ended up with a severe pain in my ear that kep me away for almost 24 hours and my left side of my face swole up. Rich made me a rice pack out of some scrap material we had, it was a life saver!

We hardly ate anything - but it did finally get me out of the 240's that I've been in for a year, so there was a silver lining. *lol*

It took Rich 4 days to get over it, and he still had the rattle in his chest with a cough for about another 5 days, but it was good to go back to work the following monday.
It took me around 4 days as well, but I've still got a bit of the rattle in my chest and if I get too worked up I end up in a coughing fit, but I'm ok.

Word to the wise: don't get the Swine Flu.


  1. I hate the Swine Flu!! I feel a little better today, but my cough is still here and the body aches...omg horrible. My leftside of my throat and neck were SO's finally feeling better.

    Our 2 1/2 mo old had a fever, we took her to base and she got prescribed (crap, I cannot remember the name...I've felt in a fog all week from being sick).

    The doc told me it lasts 7-8 days with the worst of it being on day 3-4. He was so right :(

    I hope both get better SOON, hon! Stupid swine flu!

  2. Yuck, hope y'all are feeling back to 100% soon!

  3. How awful for you...take extra special case of yourself and that man...

  4. oh dear! i hope you both feel better!!

  5. That's so horrible! I do hope you two are all better soon.


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