Thursday, September 24, 2009

We went to a baby shower...

... for someone we've never met.
Last weekend we went to my friend Kendra's house because she was throwing her friend... crap, I can't remember it now - anyway, she was throwing someone a baby shower. We got invited, I don't like to say no, we had nothing else better to do, and we need to make some friends down here.
So we get there, and right off this isn't a normal baby shower with just the ladies - oh no. It's the ladies, husbands - and kids. All loud, jumping through balloons, screaming and touching food. *lol* Ok, so some weren't that bad!
Rich hasn't been to a baby shower before, and was suprised that I knew baby shower games - I told him that it's programmed into our DNA, kind of like how he just knows how to change the oil in the car, he shrugged and said 'ok'.
I wish I'd brought my camera when we were playing games because some were pretty funny. We did the toilet paper one, Rich picked how many squares the lady was pregnant for us - he was three too small, he said he wasn't going to get slapped for making it too big. Smart man. Next came rice in a bowl with those really small saftey pins, you have to close your eyes and find as many as you can in a certain time - again Rich played for us. It's really hard! Rich got 5 and the guy who won got 6.
The final game was the chocolate diaper game. Rich would dive right in those diapers with the melted chocolate - and some of them really did turn out l ooking like real baby poop - and I ust had the urge to push it in his face. *lol* I actually ended up winning that game with the most guesses correct on whta kind of chocolate was melted in the diaper - I'm telling you, being a fat kid has it's advantages!
Next the lady opened her presents - and ya know what, I don't like that. I don't like the idea of opening all those gifts infront of people, I find it really rude, maybe it's just me. So if I ever get a baby shower thrown for me, which isn't likely since we don't know anyone here, and welive 9+ hours from home, remember that. *lol*
Anyway, since we didnt know her we honestly didn't feel like we should go out and buy her something. I've never meet the woman, and honestly I don't think I ever found out her name, and I'm supposed to buy her a gift? Nah. So we broke out of "Future Baby Box" and looked at what we had that we weren't in love with anymore. Everything still had tags on it, it'd just been sealed in thos air tight bags, so it was all fine. We ended up giving her a onsie and a bib that Rich didn't like. We didn't keep the tags on there when we put it in the gift bag - I mean, we've been putting little clothes and stuff away for two+ years now (Don't freak out Dad, there aren't many, trust me!), so it's not like she could return it anyway. We were being resourceful in a situation we didn't feel like we needed to go spend money we didn't have. It worked out. :)
In the end, we had a good time actually. The kids weren't that bad, I just couldn't get over them touching the food we were all goig to eat - but that's the mini-germaphobe in me. *lol*
On our way to the baby shower - he so didn't like the idea of being
up and at her house at 945 am on a saturday.
Me. Slightly worried about lots of boogers getting on me.


  1. Hi! I was blog surfin' and saw a comment of yours somewhere and your picture looked familiar! I'm pretty sure you're on the Eglin/Hurlburt myspace group, lol. Pretty weird, but I just wanted to stop and say hi!

  2. Oh.. and I totally forgot to say that you and your husband were really sweet to go to that baby shower! Can't say that I would have gone to a shower for someone I did not know! :)


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