Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Picture post

I'm so loving that he's able to have a goatee now that he's not in the Army anymore. :)

Not really feeling these bangs - she cut them too short. So after I cried for an hour, I've decided to figure out how to live with them. On bad days they go back in a headband, or clipped back. Good days they're left down with my hair straight - 'cause I can't scrunch my bangs, it looks all kinds of messed up.

Rich got the picture all blurry - blame him. I wanted to have a picture taken since I'm a month away from having my band for a year! How insane is that?
I've got my shit-kickers on an everything, yep, even in this heat. I never get to wear 'em, but I was bound and determinded to today.
And as you can tell, I've lost my boobs, which is horribly sad since they're all saggy now, but my butt is still here. The junk is here to stay!

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